Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse

Growing Marijuana In A Greenhouse

The modern era of gardening is now fully taking the course with different advancements made to cultivation approaches. These newly-brought styles of cultivation are encouraging growers to improve their gardening tactics and incline towards technological enhancements. Likewise in the field of growing marijuana, because cultivators are opting to choose the approach that will make their lives easier and non-hassling.

Growing Marijuana in a greenhouse is the new mode of elevating towards the modern gardening period. This setup is an evident departure from indoor environments and provides an even more restored growing condition. Growing Marijuana in a greenhouse is representing humanity’s embrace of environmentally sustainable resolutions and effective alternatives.

With a nod towards a more environmental-friendly method, it is possible to witness the booming success of growing Marijuana in a greenhouse. Here, you will know the expounded guide towards greenhouse growing.

Everything you need to know about the Greenhouse Environment

A greenhouse environment consists of panels that appeared to be transparent. This material uses solar radiation to bring the heat to the environment under it, which in this case, is soil and plants. Despite the temperature outside the setting, the inside will remain warm throughout for a long time.

Then, the plants and other natural elements inside the setting will release infrared radiation, one that will not go beyond the environment so that the trapped warmth will remain in the air. The purpose of sunlight or solar radiation is to create an environment that will depend on the outside rather than the grower providing constant regulation.

In other words, no additives are to be added. In return, the nature-dependent situation will bring an optimal result that will carry plants inside into a thriving state. Moreover, the transparent cover serves as a protection from inappropriate weather conditions, possible pest attacks, and other sorts of intruders that might only give catastrophe to the crops.

Factors to consider when Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse

Following the conventional approach and suddenly transitioning into a greenhouse environment will not be an easy task since there will be few things to keep in mind before proceeding to the necessary procedures. Adapting to the ways of the greenhouse environment is one challenging mission. To prepare yourself, are the top vital influences to contemplate about.

Facility Dimension

The greenhouse setup should be situated in an area where supply is abundant, especially if you plan to grow a number of cannabis plants. Besides, having a commodious space will allow your plants to be exposed to natural cycles of light and other helpful nature elements. 

The solar radiation each crop will receive will place the marijuana plant’s cycle into an effective way to maximize its yield and improve its quality. These refreshed cycles will bring the plant towards high tolerance of infectious illnesses.

The Covering Panel

There are different covering panels for the greenhouse setup, for starters, and it is essential to choose the best pick among all choices. But rest assured that the majority of all offered covering panels are comprised of UV inhibitors, which is vital to lessen the dilapidation that will go through the cover. Also, it helps in regulating thermal transfer and assists in producing healthy photosynthesis.

However, in marijuana, the plant itself is releasing UV to yield THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes. Because of that, you should consider providing cover panels with lesser UV, and you should also base the percentage on your geographic setting and climate. If you still find it challenging to pick the best option, it would be best to consult the nearest greenhouse producers.

The Rise and Fall of Temperature

Your setting’s climate is one of the leading factors in pondering, whether you should hop to the greenhouse setup. For instance, placing a greenhouse set up in a place where there’s an erratic coldness from time to time will not be profited because of the heating materials that the grower or owner will soon purchase.

On the other hand, too much heat in an environment will not encourage optimal growth. In fact, it will only counteract the thriving quality that the greenhouse setup will provide. These circumstances will result in unsolicited effects such as mold infestation, stress to the plant, high humidity degrees, etc.

Remember that the greenhouse arrangement should only convince you to purchase at once and that the run of its almost-lifetime existence will be cost-effective. You shouldn’t just value its effect on your crops, but the cost it will make you spend.

Different Types of Greenhouses

Pursuing the environment-friendly format should introduce you to different kinds of greenhouses that will allow you to decide which is more efficient and suitable for your location – given that you studied your geographic position and the climate you have. Here are some different types that will lead you to grow marijuana in a greenhouse.


Polytunnels are usually for commercial cultivation and tend to get smaller in size. The frame is aluminum, while the sheet cover is polythene. This is fitting for those with remote areas.

Fixated Greenhouses

These greenhouses are the most typical type you will see across countries transitioning well into greenhouse farming. As the name suggests, the greenhouse setup is inclined in houses or buildings. What’s good about this format is that it receives the heat that is supposedly going through your house, making it a winning situation for the plants and your home’s inhabitants.

Detached Greenhouses

Unlike the first one, these detached greenhouses are built and are standing on their own. The frames can be made out of wood, aluminum, or other thick materials. The cover panels might vary, depending on the grower’s preference.

Clear Covered-panels

These greenhouses, as the name implies, have clear or transparent panel covers. The diffused set is ideal for warm climate countries and lets direct sunlight impact the plants, making it beneficial for marijuana plants.

With all these considerations to bear in mind, it’s agreeable that the transition to growing marijuana in a greenhouse will subject you to significant difficulties. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a prolonged cost-effective, and environment-friendly setup, growing marijuana in a greenhouse is the best option.

Not a fan of growing weed in greenhouses? Try other means of growing them! Get the best ideas from the best growing guides that you can find here!

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