Growing Marijuana from Clones Versus Growing Marijuana From Seeds

If you want to start growing your own marijuana, it necessary to gather all the grow equipment needed and come to a decision which type of environment you want them to cultivate and most importantly, decide if you want to start growing from either seeds or clones or cuttings. Reading information about growing from clones or seeds from various marijuana websites and by owning a growing cannabis eBook will help you in making a decision as to which one is better- starting from seeds or clones.

Growing Marijuana from Seeds

Advantages of growing marijuana from seeds

Female cannabis plants grown from seeds most often produce bigger yield than those grown from marijuana cuttings. Breeding options are also possible by growing regular seeds. Feminized pot seeds can develop a high percentage of female seeds but not 100% guaranteed. Getting seeds from a seed bank of good reputation will give you pot seeds of known genetics that are ensured with quality.

Disadvantages of cultivating weed from seeds

A pack of seeds can be costly and it takes time to harvest the buds since you have to go through the process of germination. Since growing from cannabis seeds takes a long time, there are more money, labor and time involved. Buying a pack of seeds will not give you any guarantee that all will germinate. Seeds can also result to unstable hybrid strains. Growing a pack of regular seeds may give you 50% female and 50% male cannabis plants.

Growing Marijuana from Clones

Advantages of growing cannabis from clones

Cultivating from clones will have a shorter turn-around time and harvest can be done early because clones vegetate and flower faster. Plus the fact that the seed germination process is skipped, marijuana cuttings can rapidly provide the grower with the characteristics of the strain such as smell, quality of roots, branching pattern and can show off which trait is more dominant- indica or sativa.

Disadvantages of growing pot from clones

Weed clones are more light sensitive compared to pot seeds and cuttings are at high risk of inheriting some problems of the mother plant such as powdery mildew, root rot, and other plant diseases. Clones that are shipped may be stressed and may take weeks before they can recuperate. Buying clones from unknown sources may not give you quality cuttings and are of questionable genetics.

In the process of deciding either to start from marijuana seeds or clones, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both growing options is a good move to do. For a more organized growing marijuana guide, you can check out growing cannabis eBook will help you set to start growing weed. These things must be considered- cost, growing space area, security and time of harvest.

Growing your own marijuana plants from either seeds or clones can be made easier through the tips and guides that you can find on our website. Know first the advantages and drawbacks of each growing option before you decide.

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