Cannabis Vegetative and Flowering Time: Why Use Marijuana Fertilizers

Cannabis Vegetative and Flowering Time: Why Use Marijuana Fertilizers


Too much application of fertilizers can harm the weed plants but using these added nutrients properly aid proper growth and development. Just the right amount of fertilizers can result to fast vegetative and bud production of the plants. Ganja plants are also commonly called as weed and just like weed plants, they can grow just anywhere and in whatever type of environment- indoor or outdoor. However, if you are yearning for an abundant yield of very potent buds, use fertilizers that contain the basic nutrients- nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

The three basic nutrients essential for growing marijuana are phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. The so-called NPK nutrients are all important from the vegetative up to the flowering time of pot growing. The amount of these nutrients given will vary depending on the stage of growth and the size of the plants. Whether you decide to grow the plants in an indoor or outdoor garden, still these three basic nutrients are necessary to promote proper growth that will help in increasing amount of buds during harvest time.

Basic Nutrients for Cannabis Growing

All throughout the growing time of pot, the plants need the basic nutrients NPK in varying amounts. During the vegetative time, the plants require for a higher amount of nitrogen and a fair amount of phosphorus and potassium. As the plants enter to the next phase of growth which is the budding time, the much needed nutrient is phosphorus to induce flowering. Potassium and nitrogen are also given in minute amount. Choose a kind of fertilizer that contains all the three basic nutrients, as well as the secondary nutrients.

In the vegetative and flowering stages of cannabis, fertilizers containing the basic and secondary nutrients are beneficial to the plants. When fertilizers are given at the right amount and feed to the plants at the proper schedule, vegetative and flowering times are guaranteed fast and healthy.

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