Growing Cannabis in Trees

Growing Cannabis in Trees: A Must-Try Method

Currently, there are different methods for growing cannabis plants. Some of the modernized approaches made it mainstream, where several growers follow it relentlessly, regardless if they were experienced or not. To them, what matters is the result. But, will all that, there are still traditional methods that introduced outdated modes of cultivation that are still in the list of trending must-try.

One of the oddest and unexpected is growing cannabis in trees. This technique is mostly unknown to some growers despite their longevity in gardening. Also, this approach might look strange at first, but it is beneficial to the plant. But, like any other remodeled methods in planting, it will have to require growers to be more effortful.

If you can find the nearest tree in your location, or if you happen to have one, you might want to check out this style of growing cannabis in trees. Figured that you’re interested? Here is everything you need to know about this method.

How does growing cannabis in tree works?

Basically, you will only have to grow a cannabis plant in a pot or any container. But this method is unfortunately exclusive to crops that will not produce tall plants since it will be placed on top of trees. Then, it is also recommendable to choose a tree that you can tower or over, may have the same height as the tallest person in the household, or at least reachable to lessen the hassle.

On the other hand, there will be specific guidelines to follow before proceeding to put the developing plant on the tree. Doing so will avoid unsolicited circumstances that will lead the cannabis plant to its death. Because of that, it is highly suggested that the grower is fully aware of the step-by-step information in growing weed plants in any container.

The benefit of growing cannabis in trees

The reason why this is a must-try method is because of multiple benefits that can ease the work of the grower and will improve the crop’s quality naturally. Growing cannabis in trees is surely odd to hear, but these paybacks of doing so will coax you into trying the method. Here is the benefit you will receive as you attempt to nurture a developing cannabis plant in a tree.

Natural light for its growth

Since you will be placing the crop on top and inside the abundant leaves of a tree, there will be direct sunlight that will hit the plant. Because of that, you will no longer have to use grow lights, and you will only have to wait for the sun to rise for its daily need for light. Take note that good lighting can produce high-quality buds and plentiful productions.

Supports the growing medium

So far, the soil has only been the only medium tried in growing cannabis in trees. Though you will situate the crop inside any container, it is expected from you to produce holes or purchase one with fixed holes. In this case, the nature of the tree will automatically bind with the dangling roots for a better support system.

Proper airflow and humidity

It’s common knowledge that trees give off cool air. With the location of the pot inside the bundle of leaves, there will be an equilibrium in terms of balanced air and humidity.

Natural control of temperature

This, surprisingly, is a benefit because the air that passes through each leaf will allow the heat outside the shade of the tree to be put in balance. However, it’s not going to be the same when the temperature is cold. So, make sure you’re in a tropical climate if you wish to try the method.

Easy access to water supply

This benefit will take place when it rains. For instance, if for three straight days, there were only sunny days to expect, a day full of rain will restore the balance.

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How to grow cannabis in trees?

Before anything else, know that this method is outdoor cultivation. Meaning, you can never expect the situation indoors to occur outdoors, in terms of conditions that will be applied. However, if you happen to grow a tree in a closed-off area, then it will be considered indoors because of the location. Nonetheless, doing it outdoors will be more beneficial. To grow cannabis in trees, here are what you should know.

Grow the cannabis plant in a pot

The first step is to nurture a plant in the traditional way before letting it sit on top of the tree. In this first step, make sure that you have pots that provide holes to acquire the benefits stated above.

Also, keep in mind that you will have to complete the fertilizing, nutrient-providing, and watering practices so the plants will already have enough strength to be sent up in the tree.

Proceed to the growing cannabis in trees at its flowering stage

Now, this is important information because some strains cannot stand to be left alone during its pre-flowering stage. But, if you manage to pick a strong-featured cannabis plant, then it would be safe to do this method earlier than the flowering phase.

In this step, there are ways to place the plant in the treetop. First would be to use pully so you won’t have to climb a tree to situate it. But you can also find the most accessible strong branch for your height and place the plant on top. However, make sure that it’s not too close to the bottom. Otherwise, your plant will not receive sunlight.

Securely mount the pot in your preferred location

After determining which spot in the tree will support your cannabis plant, the next thing to do is to ensure that it will remain in position. To do this, you will need to tie it around by drilling holes in the pot and insert a strong string that will attach it securely around the branch where you had placed it.

These easy step-by-step of growing cannabis in trees should encourage you to do the method and see yourself on what benefit it can give. Though it’s visible that there are things to sacrifice – like high-statured plants and techniques to apply for further improvement, at least it will bring less-hassling procedures.

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