growing cannabis in a polytunnel

Growing Cannabis in a Polytunnel: Useful Guide

Growing cannabis in a polytunnel provides an advantageous environment and warmer sanctuary for the cannabis plants and helps them achieving ideal growth even during hot periods and thrive when winter comes. Inside a polytunnel, you are opening the cannabis plants to a wide array of growing possibilities.

In this article, we will discuss what a is polytunnel and what are the advantages of growing cannabis in a polytunnel. Let us also further understand how polytunnel works and its impact on cannabis plants. Take a look at below and let’s investigate further about polytunnel.

Understanding Polytunnel

Made from a hoop galvanized steel and with a clear plastic covering, is the usual set up of a Polytunnel. Compared to other growing systems like greenhouse cultivation, the polytunnels are efficient and cost-effective, with a much lesser investment required. Typically, these types of growing systems are built directly onto the ground and with regular site clearance required. The main advantage of this setup is its easy and simple assembling, dismantling, and reassembling process.

Growing cannabis in a polytunnel provides the cannabis plants a durable home and construction of setup, with its frame made from galvanized steel that could last up to 20 years of usage and even more. The polythene material made up will only be required to replace at least seven years and the utmost ten years. Moreover, it allows the growers to fully customize the accessories and other additional features you wanted to incorporate to fit according to your preference and growing specifics of the cannabis plants.

Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis In A Polytunnel

The most common disadvantage of growing cannabis in a polytunnel is the capacity of the whole setup in resisting strong winds. Ideally, polytunnels are required to be made from durable frames and must be attached firmly and appropriately to the ground to deter this from occurring

If the construction is not done properly and the sheeting is not appropriately tightened, there is a higher chance of harming the cannabis plants inside by allowing the development of molds due to the presence of a high level of humidity.

Advantages of Growing Cannabis In A Polytunnel

1) Control of Lighting

Polytunnel helps the growers to achieve full control of lighting within the growing system. The hours of daytime can be extended and the capacity of light passed through can be improved by the growers. This is most favorable, especially during the vegetative stage.

2) Control of Climate and Weather

Growing cannabis in a polytunnel can provide the growers a much control and management of the weather and climate inside the growing system. This aspect is vital in generating an end-product with high quality. Apart from these, your cannabis plants are protected from heavy rainfall that can cause disastrous damage when the moisture is trapped within the cannabis buds.

3) Life Cycle Management

During hot summer seasons, there is much control of the lighting amount penetrating the polytunnel and trick the stage abruptly into the flowering period before it ends the season. This is reasonably favorable when the cultivation environment has a long cold period and a wet fall season. You don’t want your buds to get molds when the rainy period begins.

4) Conserve Energy Usage

Compared to typical outdoor growing or greenhouses, growing cannabis in a polytunnel is much more cost-efficient and energy-efficient. The indoor power needed for indoor is costly compared to polytunnel as well.

Legal Permission For Growing Cannabis In A Polytunnel

When cultivation is done for domestic purposes, growing cannabis in a polytunnel is considered permitted development. However, this does not apply to commercial purposes on the other hand.

According to the laws, certain regulations are required to follow when constructing your polytunnel. Regulations cover the size, height, mobility, and position of the polytunnel that need to adhere to specified measurements. Make sure to contact your local legal office to get informed of the specified legislation regarding the terms. 

Useful Guide In Growing Cannabis In A Polytunnel

A susceptible way to provide a self-sufficient environment for cannabis strain is what a polytunnel provides. Regardless of the number of plants you are planning to grow, there are still basic steps to follow to guarantee a great quality of yield.

1) Optimizing Polytunnel Setup

When growing cannabis in a polytunnel, make sure to clean it regularly to ensure that the whole growing system is getting much light from the sun. Also, if possible optimize the soil within the area and replace it all with high-quality organic compost. This set up can be added some fertilizer, preferably organic types, guano, or manure.

Additionally, growers prefer to add crystals that can absorb water and help the soil to store water than usual, especially when the area is naturally dry. Growers suggested optimizing the condition of the soil and maintain the pH level within a favorable degree to encourage heavy production.

2) Upgrading Cannabis Containers

In terms of growing cannabis in a polytunnel, it is a useful guide to develop a convenient location where cannabis plants will grow. It could either on the direct ground or using pots or containers. The advantage of pots or containers is the easy transfer it has. When the climate change, growers can effectively transfer plants to a more favorable location. However, the pot cannabis is to the constant watering it needs.

When direct planting cannabis into the soil, it does not require constant attention and you can even take a vacation for two weeks without having to worry about the conditions. Apart from that, there are additional nutrients and minerals in the soil that could help in the growth and development of cannabis.

3) Choosing Efficient Lighting

To make an optimal environment when growing cannabis in a polytunnel, make sure that you put into consideration the lighting source of the plants inside. It must possibly acquire and be exposed to enough lighting amount, therefore the frame used must be made from light material and larger areas made of glass are occupied.

4) Suitable Positioning

According to experts and with experience in polytunnels cultivation, the most reliable and efficient position that the growing system will catch the most credible light amount when it is positioned in the direction of East-West for months. The polytunnel must be exposed to low shadow available, and away from the building or tall trees that could create shadows when the sun shifts position.

Final Words

Numerous cannabis plants have thrived in polytunnels and many growers have been yearning for the growing system more. This is not surprising to note when growing cannabis in a polytunnel, provided the quality of end-products it produces while administering the merely modest thriving process. It is never too late to start your productions, but always remember to take note of the guidelines above and get informed of the regulations about polytunnel construction.

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