Growing Cannabis in a Cupboard

Growing Cannabis in a Cupboard: How is it Done?

Growing cannabis is an exciting venture, especially for those who are keen on its flavor and effects. However, if you think that you will be bounded with options in growing your weeds since you are living in an area where cannabis growing is prohibited and not welcomed, well, think again. 

There are several ways you can try. You can raise your cannabis plants indoors, outdoors, in your backyard, in your basement, or even try growing cannabis in a cupboard! However, you have to perform some essential procedures to get the best harvest possible.

Is There a Potential in Growing Cannabis in a Cupboard?

Cupboard grow is possible, especially for your cannabis plants. A lot of people have already succeeded in this manner of cultivation. This option is particularly recommended to those with limited spaces.

This method of growing cannabis plants is commonly called “closet grow”. It fundamentally refers to the confined spaced in the cupboard that is modified and outfitted with all of the equipment necessary for growing cannabis. 

Things to Do when Growing Cannabis in a Cupboard

Now, if you have limited space for cannabis cultivation, one good option that you might want to consider is growing cannabis in a cupboard. This option has already been tried and tested provided that you execute some particular pointers. You might be even surprised to learn that it is a very easy way of cannabis growing.

Do not skip the fact that cupboards – although have advantages, are not an ideal setting for the cannabis plants to prosper in. Hence, the first step in establishing a cupboard grow involves certain valuable factors. You should mainly consider ventilation, temperature, light, and smell. If you manage these things well, then you are likely to get promising results.

To set up your cupboard grow, you will be needing the following things:

  • Cupboard
  • Containers for the plants
  • Timer
  • Grow light, plus fixtures/hangers
  • Tray
  • A preferred substrate such as Rockwool, soil, or coco
  • Carbon filter
  • Water
  • Cannabis seeds


  1. To begin, you must properly clear and clean your cupboard and ensure that there are no traces of dust or dirt. It is also important that you properly sanitize it.
  1. You may like to get the inner walls painted with white or wrap it with a distinct white plastic.
  1. Suspend the lighting setup. Now, more lights correspond to more cannabis plants. It also goes to say that better lights correspond to the better quality of the plants. Hence, conclusively, it tells you that grow lights are an essential element of the cupboard grow.

There are several choices in the market when picking the best grow lights. Nevertheless, the LED stays undefeated. They are the best pick of cannabis growers because of its numerous advantages.

  1. Place the containers. Regardless if you are growing cannabis in a cupboard or somewhere else, you will have the same selections when talking about the medium. One potential option is a scaled-down Hydroponic system. It exhibits simple irrigation and you also get better control of the medium.

Organic nutrients are mostly recommended for soil cultivation. Germinating is a good choice when cultivating cannabis in the soil. In this manner, the nutrients are gradually freed each time the soil is watered.

  1. Setup your ventilation and the carbon filters. Check their functionality. Although you might find this step confusing and exhausting, it is not always the case when growing in a cupboard.

You may maintain a balanced room temperature by opening the windows and permitting the air to constantly circulate. The use of a single oscillating fan can improve airflow and this only needs minimal efforts. If your cupboard has a small space, it would be helpful to use a small-size circular fan or a desk fan inside. You may also want to put an exhaust fan if you are willing to invest more. Nevertheless, you will have to perform some drilling in the first part of the preparation.

Maintaining good airflow in the cupboard can be challenging. Thus, installing an air conditioning unit or fan would be an advantage.

  1. It is also necessary to do some steps that will get rid of the smell produced by the cannabis plants. You may consider buying an odor neutralizer or use a low-odor strain.
  2. Begin cultivating the cannabis seeds. When growing cannabis in a cupboard, it is important that you smartly choose the cannabis strains since they can directly create an impact on the size of the grow space. Auto-flowering seeds are most ideal as they seldom reach beyond 1 meter. Indica strains are also recognized for thriving wider and extending rather than spindly and tall.

One method that you can do in regulating the height of your cannabis plants is to introduce early flowering. This will let your plants stay short. Moreover, pruning and training the plants in a cupboard is advised and can be very helpful when trying to regulate the height of the plants.

Make sure that you regularly monitor your cannabis plants, ideally two times a day – one in the morning and another one in the evening. Make sure that the supply and flow of light are consistent and steady. Also, monitor the circulation of air inside the cupboard.


Growing cannabis in a cupboard is conceivable. You can find it an easy way to grow your cannabis plants. All you have to do is make sure that you get the right lighting, ventilation, and medium to keep the health and pleasant condition of your cannabis plants while they are flourishing.

Although it may not be the simplest direction for all cannabis growers, growing the plant in a cupboard is simple enough to carry out. And if executed properly, growers will experience the utmost satisfaction. By following the steps on how to effectively grow cannabis in a cupboard, you can expect to relish the yields of your cannabis plants in no time.

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