Grow Medium in Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Outdoor cannabis growing is usually making use of soil as the growing medium. Growing marijuana outdoors is not as easy as what other people think of. Considering that you do not have the full control of the growing environment, outdoor pot cultivation needs more of your attention, effort and time. From choosing the site location up to the growing medium used, you need to invest time in finding the right one and what’s best for your weed plants. The soil is the commonly used medium for outdoor marijuana growing, either you plant the marijuana seedlings directly on the soil ground or have them in pots.

If you want to grow healthy cannabis plants and obtain bigger yield, then cultivate marijuana in a spot garden where they can receive enough sunlight. The quality of the soil is very important before you start planting your weed. The soil medium should possess a good texture and excellent draining properties. Planting cannabis seedlings directly in the soil ground without checking the pH level and for possible contaminants may cause harm to the marijuana plants.

pH Of The Soil

Using a pH meter, measure the pH level of the soil in your chosen site where you want to grow cannabis. The pH value of the soil is very important for the growth of marijuana plants. Marijuana grows well in soil having a pH level of 6 to 7. Maintain a neutral pH level on the soil medium if you want to ensure healthy cannabis growing. Acidic soil can slow down the growth process of cannabis. You may add calcium to the soil medium to keep the pH level in balance.

Organic Soil Mixes

Do not just plant marijuana in the soil ground without checking if it has good texture, excellent draining properties and is free from any soil-borne diseases. To promote good draining properties on the soil medium you are using for growing weed, you can mix it with perlite or vermiculite. These two are soil conditioners that can be mixed with soil. If you want a light-weight soil medium that is nutrient-rich, you can use this type of soil mixes: (1 part) perlite, (2 parts) vermiculite and (1 part) worm castings.

Soil medium or a combination of soil and compost are commonly used as mediums for growing cannabis outdoors. The soil is a natural and good medium to use. It is also commonly used by several pot gardeners because of its availability.

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