Green House Seeds Review

Green House Seeds Review – Is this Marijuana Seed Company Legit?

The company was founded in Amsterdam in 1985, and has since then expanded into various markets. Apart from their award-winning seeds, The Green House also has a collection street fashion apparel both form men and women. It is available not only in Europe, but Asia and America as well.

For those who are looking for some of the best seeds in the market, then get it in Green House Seeds because this is known to be the best seeds store that you can visit for perfect strains of growing weed. This is a site that’s dedicated to helping out-growers out there, and even those who love to smoke pot because they have premium quality strains to sell there on their end.

This is a really great site that will assure you some of the finest purchases that you might want to take note of because they are known to be the best for your tastes. Take note that they also came from Amsterdam which is why you will be able to have a nice array of weed to grow and even smoke for your preferences. This is a site that has a very nice and professional design, and has the information that you need especially when it comes to medical details about weed to grow.

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The Finest Strains

If you really want to get the highest yield, along with a good level of THC content as well as CBD, then make sure that you try and get these professionally made seeds that came out of the company’s finest plants. What made it great is that they are all feminized!


It has complete accessories for you to purchase if you want to optimize your smoking and growing needs. They include grinders, some additional tools for planting, and also vapes.

Other Products are Also Available

They do have clothes that you can purchase, as well as caps and jackets for you to wear to signify your love for weed.


This site has some amazing promotions for you to consider, and you can win a lot of stuff, especially a car as well.

TV Shows

If you want to learn how to grow properly, then check out their channel for you to learn in a more detailed way.


Not available in Some Countries – What makes things unfortunate for some of the readers is that this site doesn’t sell to all countries around the world.


If you want to learn about the shipment method of this service, they came from Amsterdam where weed is really legal, and they will deliver the products from their place to yours. They are good in terms of packaging your seeds, and growing will be delivered in a fast way since they make sure that your shipments come out early that you expect. They allow stealth shipping for you to have a good way to deliver the seeds in a more discreet way as well.

If you want to learn how they deliver the cannabis seeds, it depends on what country you live. They usually take more than a week, but not more than 2 weeks or so. What made it amazing is that there’s no shipping fee.

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Payment Methods and Pricing

There are three currently available payment options for customers:

  1. Cash in envelope
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Contact form

Bank transfers are done using the SNS Bank of Amsterdam. Note that Green House Seeds does not accept wholesale orders via the web.

Customer Feedbacks and Reviews

“Growing weed has never been this great. This is a really nice site with a cool design, and they even have some nice quality shirts for me to wear on.” – Yoyo

“Smoking pot is good, but the growing pot is the best especially if you stick with Green House Seeds Co. for getting some fine quality strains!” – Chris L.

“Starting from the marijuana strains, up to the part where they provide promotions, I can really say that this site has it all! Thanks for giving me the seeds in a safe way.” – Jeremy S.

Final Verdict

Since the company does not ship to some countries around the world, we can’t give them our 5 stars rating. But if you want to try their strains, you better check their FAQ or contact them to check if they can ship to your country before placing your order.

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