Fertilizing Marijuana Plants- The Macro and Micro-Nutrients

In growing marijuana plants, feeding them with the basic nutrients (NPK) is necessary from the vegetative period up to the flowering time. Feeding is different from fertilizing because fertilizers can help in making the weed plants grow abundantly and produce a high yield.

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Adding the right type and correct amount of fertilizer during the different phases of cannabis’ growth will make the plants more productive, healthier and away from common plant diseases. Too little or too many nutrients may lead to nutrient disorders. Growing marijuana indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors and in whatever kind of growing marijuana medium, needs more than 20 elements for the plants to flourish well. Fertilizers are categorized as macro and micro-nutrients that are usually dissolved in a nutrient solution before feeding to the cannabis plants.

The Macro-nutrients- The Benefits

The macro-nutrients which include nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are the elements that are vital to all the stages of cannabis growth.

Phosphorusacts as a catalyst for the overall vigor of the ganja plants as it aids in the transfer of energy within the plants. It is vital for photosynthesis and for promoting a stronger root system. High level of phosphorus is beneficial during the growth of seedlings and bud production.

Potassiumhelps in establishing strong growth of the roots. It is important in all stages of marijuana’s growth and encourages water uptake and an increase of chlorophyll in foliage.

Nitrogenhelps in promoting photosynthesis for the production of chlorophyll and is responsible for the size, growth, and robustness of the weed plants.

The Micro-nutrients and How They Benefit Marijuana Plants

For the maintenance of energy and health in growing marijuana, plants also need trace elements or micro-nutrients. These elements can be found in fertilizers but in lesser amount as compared to the basic macro-nutrients.

Calcium – is important for growth and cell manufacture. It is also used to buffer excess nutrients on marijuana plants.

Magnesiumit aids in the consumption of nutrients and helps in neutralizing toxic substances and acids produced by the cannabis plants.

Manganeseaids in chlorophyll production and acts as a catalyst for many plant enzymes to lessen nitrates before protein production.

Sulfurit is essential in the production of chlorophyll, protein and for encouraging strong root growth.

Boronit plays a vital role in seed production, cell formation, water intake, and protein production.

Coppercan be used as a fungicide that prevents the cannabis plants from being stricken by molds, insects and other diseases. It is responsible for maintaining vigorous growth and strengthening of the stems and branches.

Giving the marijuana plants these macro and micronutrients at proper ratio and according to the needs of the plants will result in rapid growth and a great harvest of potent and high quality buds.

Happy Growing!

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