Effective Odor Control System in Growing Cannabis Indoors

Effective Odor Control System in Growing Cannabis Indoors

The odor that marijuana plants are releasing especially during the budding time is one of the main concerns of every pot grower. One thing that makes indoor growing more advantageous is the fact that the grow environment can easily be controlled including the cannabis odor.

Odor control system and products are widely available in the market today and come from cheap to expensive prices. Providing indoor marijuana plants with good ventilation can help in controlling the smell and is essential to the plant’s growth as well. Products for weed odor control vary in prices and so with their ability to eliminate cannabis odor within the grow room.

Ozone generators

This is an effective odor control system for getting rid of the pungent smell of marijuana. This type of odor control system works by oxidizing organic particles present in the air. Using this system is dangerous and requires a timer so only enough ozone is released.

Negative Ion Generation

This is very helpful in eliminating weed odor in an indoor garden and works by using negative charge to attract the positively charged particles that are creating odor in the room.

Active Carbon Filter

This is a type of odor control system that can eliminate as much as 99% pot smell in the air. This can be set up with an exhaust fan to pull air out of the room while passing through an activated carbon to filter the cannabis odor.

Masking Agents and Odor Neutralizers

For small scale indoor pot gardens, there are masking agents and odor neutralizers available in the market which you can buy at cheaper prices. Odor control products such as fabric softener sheets, carpet granules, scented candles, air fresheners, air deodorizers, potpourris, and strong perfumes can help mask the odor of weed but these products are not as effective as activated carbon filters, ionizers, and ozone generators.

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