Easy Ways on How to Transplant Marijuana Plants

Transplanting is the process of moving the plants from one pot or container to another to allow proper growth of roots. It is a serious step in growing pot because when transplanting is not properly done, the leaves and the entire plant may be stressed and may not be able to recover and will eventually die.

Transplanting marijuana is done once the plants already have a stable root system and prepared for a permanent growing system. If the ganja plants are getting too big for their pots, then transplanting is necessary to be done right away before they reach the budding time to reduce stress that may affect growth.
How to Transplant Cannabis Plants

The first step that you need to accomplish when transplanting cannabis plants is the soil preparation; whether you are going to transfer the plants directly in the soil ground or in another pot containing soil mixes. If you are planning to transfer the plants in the soil ground, dig a hole that is bigger than the present container. When you are going to transplant the weed plant into a larger pot, it is recommended to use a container having a minimum size of 4 gallons for each plant.

When to Transplant Marijuana Plants

Among the signs that marijuana plants are ready to be transplanted is the fast growth of the leaves. When more leaves will start to appear and the stem is stronger that you can easily hold it without damaging, then the plants are ready for transplanting. You will need to transfer the ganja plants to bigger containers once you notice the white root tendrils coming out beneath the mesh. Do not wait for the plants to become root-bound or trapped because this can stunt their growth.

Things to Remember When Transplanting

1. Watering the weed plants should be avoided 1 to 2 days before transferring them into another container

2. It is recommended to water the plants mixed with nutrients right after they are being transplanted

3. The light should be less intense for one day or two before transplanting

4. As much as possible, do not hurt the roots of the ganja plants to prevent stress and shock

By just following the few and simple steps of transplanting, growing pot will show positive result and no signs of stress on the plants. Do not wait for the roots of the cannabis plants to outgrow their containers because it can slow down growth. Transplant them before they start to flower and only once or twice during the entire growing pot phases.

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