Dutch Breed Review

Based in England, this company is both a breeder and seed bank collecting seeds from various cannabis strains in the Netherlands and Switzerland. It has a website though not readily accessible if you’re located outside Europe. Among strains that this company offers to include Blue Lightning, Master Chronic, Orange Candy Floss, and Purple Evolution. Aside from that, the company distributes its products to multiple seed banks which includes Yamuna Grow in Spain and Dragon Head Shop located in the UK.

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Best Features of Dutch Breed

Shipping Information

The company allows international delivery. They are one of the seed banks that ship to USA. You could place any orders by visiting their website or inquiring about them through their email. Fees or payments are unknown since their website is inaccessible for now.

Seeds Selection

The Dutch Breed sells various cannabis strains that either obtain other seed banks or just bred by themselves. Nevertheless, these strains include Aurora Polaris, Autumn Fall, Blue Barrel AK, Blue Lighting, Brazilian Pineapple, Columbian  Gold #2, and many more seed strains.

Customer Service

Situated in the UK, it seems like the company is doing discreet operations since their website is unavailable and could not be visited for now. Consequently, there are few user reviews for this company. Though, most reviews are quite positive employing satisfaction and quality according to few of its users.

Website Functionality

As of now, international users could not easily place their orders since the website is inaccessible.

Pricing and Payments

Prices are varied depending on the type of cannabis you’ll buy. Nonetheless, you could purchase any product through Money Gram, Western Union, UK Postal Order, or direct transaction through cash and money.

What We Like About Dutch Breed

Seed Variety and Quality

International Shipping Option

What We Don’t Like About Dutch Breed

Limited Customer Reviews

Unavailable Website

Our Verdict

Currently, there are a few things we know about this company. Thus, there’s no complete assurance that it will deliver great service and quality as needed. Perhaps, the company is just doing discreet operations since there exist strict cannabis laws in some parts of the world.

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