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DIY Smell Proof Grow Box for Discreet Cannabis Growing

Cannabis plants are very noticeable because of their smell. For those who only begun cannabis growing, it would be realistic to say that the smell can be a significant hindrance. And although its scent is bearable and momentary in small cultivations and with minimal plants, it is likely to become annoying for continual, extensive growing operations. Hence, many suggest the use of DIY smell proof grow box.

How to Make DIY Smell Proof Grow Box

When making your grow box, you can opt to make it as large as you prefer to and be composed of anything available in your home provided that it is waterproof, air-tight, and light-proof. The simplest methods of doing are through the metal structure, either plastic or wood, and a plastic sheet that covers it or making a closet-resembling structure through the plywood.

A DIY smell proof grow box is easier to make. However, you cannot efficiently dismantle it.  To make a DIY grow box that is made from wood beams and plywood, you will have to make a structure that is the same as the grow tent.

To begin DIY smell proof grow box, you should first prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Jigsaw
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Hammer or rubber mallet
  • Wood glue (optional)
  • Wood beams
  • Plywood sheets
  • Pen, pencil, or marker
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Reflective duct tape
  • Exhaust fan
  • Carbon filter

Here are the steps on how to make DIY smell proof grow box:

  1. If you wish to create a 1 x 1 x 2 grow box, you will require 8 wood beams measuring 1m for each corner both its top and base portion (A), 8 wooden beams measuring 2 meters each for the verticals, and 1m x 2m beams for the horizontals above (C). The volume of beams you require on the top portion relies on the weight of the exhaust fan, light fixture, and carbon filter.
  2. After structuring, you should then cut the plywood to begin locking the sides of the grow box. You should get one 1 x 1m and four 1 x 2m plywood sheets. Bear in mind that they should suit perfectly to make sure that there will be no light leaks as well as it is air-tight.
  3. The one 1x 2 m plywood sheet should have to be cut into half intended for the door. You will also have to secure four door hinges to help you open and close the grow box suitably.
  4. The exhaust fan is normally positioned on the upper part of the grow box and is linked by a tube leading to the carbon filter. The exhaust fan makes sure that there is a proper exchange of air. This is important for the development of the cannabis plants since the air exchange will give the plants the CO2 that they require while releasing oxygen.
  5. The ideal ventilation, together with an appropriately-sized fan will also help the stem of the plant become firmer, assisting them in holding the heavy buds that come out during the flowering phase.
  6. The carbon filter is very important when keeping discreet cannabis growing. It is immediately connected to the exhaust fan and it is responsible for eliminating the powerful smell of the cannabis plants before releasing the air. You should understand that a carbon filter is important when you are cultivating indoors, particularly in an area where cannabis growing is not allowed. This will help you avoid any trouble with the police officers and your neighbors.

Remember that when making DIY smell proof grow box, you have to create the holes where you can find the duct tubing going in and out.

Furthermore, light is important when growing cannabis. Depending on your light fixture, you may have to do some modifications to adjust the light’s height. Some lights have much weight than others. Hence, make sure to try the structure you have built with the carbon filter, exhaust fan, and light fixtures so you do not jeopardize the life of your plants if by any chance the equipment fails to work.

Why Use a Smell Proof Grow Box?

Although it is very easy to discount the regulation of smell, there are numerous reasons why it is necessary to control the odor on a large-scale cannabis growing.


Remember that a lot of ears and noses are into you. When keeping your cannabis growing discreet, the biggest provocation could be managing the smell. For those who live in small homes with very close proximity, keeping a grow box can become very challenging. For this, smell management is a critical aspect.

Indication of Being Weak

The excess smell may indicate an unsatisfactory environment for growing cannabis plants. Starting from the ventilation going to the temperature and air-circulation, there are plenty of things that serve an important part in the growth and farming of cannabis.

Any of these things that are left unattended could lead to the cannabis plants emanating more smell that what is common and more usual than not, it is a sign of poor conditions in terms of development and growth within the cannabis grow box.

Security and Defense

It would be realistic to say that indoor cultivation of cannabis is not the most low-profile thing. Aside from the very noticeable smell, a lot of people perceive it as forbidden. Whether it is cultivated in a place where cannabis growing is authorized, there are still a lot of negative suggestions related to cultivating cannabis.

Controlling the smell could help reduce the odor and could keep away the intrusive eyes from the grow box.


You do not have to engage in extravagant spending on your grow box if you intend to begin cultivating cannabis. You can easily make DIY smell proof grow box for discreet cannabis growing.

However, just see to it that you are practicing the right measures to make it firm, stable, and can assist with the growing equipment. You should ensure that you will have an entirely functional grow box while spending much lesser than purchasing a new one. This is quite a practical option when wanting to do discreet cannabis growing.

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