DIY Grow Room

DIY Grow Room for Your Marijuana

Growing cannabis is one of the easiest, most rewarding hobbies you can ever engage in. Not only is cultivating cannabis an amazing experience, consuming your own weed is another impressive thing. But what if growing cannabis is not permitted in your area? Can you still grow cannabis even if you can’t grow outdoors? The answer to all of these is YES. You can grow cannabis safely indoors in a DIY grow room for your marijuana plants. We’ll show you how.

Now before we begin, let us first find out why using a grow room is the best way to grow cannabis.

Grow rooms will let you grow in secret

Grow rooms will help you grow all kinds of cannabis strains even without anyone knowing. You can grow indoors and harvest without anyone finding out so you’re safe even if cannabis growing is illegal in your area.

Grow rooms will let you closely monitor your plants

You can monitor your plants very closely when you grow indoors, inside your growing room. You can closely check against common cannabis plant diseases, pests, molds and so many more and of course do something about these problems ASAP.

Grow rooms will protect your cannabis plants from pests and weather extremes

Outdoors, cannabis plants are very prone to pests and extreme weather. Indoors, you can protect your plants better, stand by for pests and shield them from the hot sun and severe rain.

Grow rooms allow you to tweak your plants’ growing needs

You can tweak any part of your plant’s growing needs like lighting, humidity, and temperature. If there is any problem with your plants’ health, you can deal with it right away without missing a symptom.

Grow rooms  let you grow even the most finicky strains

Most finicky cannabis strains are just too complicated to grow but nevertheless, a challenge for growers. The only way to grow this kind of strain is by cultivating this in a DIY grow room.

Grow rooms are perfect for medical cannabis strains

Medical cannabis strains need a clean and sterile growing environment and thus, the best place to grow medical strains is an indoor growing area.

How to make a simple DIY grow room for marijuana plants

We will be making a DIY grow room using simple techniques and materials that you can basically get around the house.

Here are some things you need:

For the room

Your DIY room must be large enough to accommodate the number of plants you will grow. It must be enough to keep your plants and your growing equipment. It must be safe to grow cannabis plants in as it is

  • Secure, with a working door and lock
  • Adequate ventilation, with a window or venting unit
  • Moisture-free, no leaks, holes, gaps, or open areas where water or rain can seep in
  • Litter-free, the room must be clean and neat to avoid pests
  • Enough to hold mature plants, your plants will grow wider and taller and your growing room must be able to accommodate them
  • For lighting and reflector

A DIY grower may use a variety of lighting systems. There are CFL lamps, LED and HPS lamps. Since you’ll be making a DIY grow room, any kind of lighting available would do. Start with readily available CFL lamps or energy-saving LED lamps.

For air circulation

For proper air circulation, you need at least two fans. One would bring fresh air inside the room while the other one will take stale used air out. This system will ensure that new and fresh air will feed into the room and old air is removed efficiently out.

For climate monitoring

Use a digital room thermometer or hygrometer to monitor the condition of your growing area. This must be done daily to avoid any complications when it comes to incorrect temperature and humidity.

For pots, soil

You may use soil from your yard especially when you’re able to grow healthy plants from it. You may also use commercially-prepared soil made for cannabis plants. This soil has all the nutrients your plants need for good health.

For racks and storage

No need to use fancy racks and stands as you can reuse tables, cabinets, or shelves. Just make sure that these are durable, can hold heavy pots and containers, and are free from pests. Pests may hitch a ride from old tables and shelves so treat these first against pests and clean them before you use inside your growing area.

Putting things together

  1. Clean and sterilize your grow room. Remove litter, scrub walls, and remove any moisture from the room.
  2. Use reflective material. You may use white paint, white linen, or Mylar sheets. Install these right after cleaning your walls.
  3. Place the racks in. Position these according to where your plants should go. A large table can also be used to hold your plants and this must be placed in the middle of the room.
  4. Install lighting and fans. If you must use extension cords, make sure these are safe and long enough to reach your lamps and fans.
  5. Check room security by changing the locks.  Close your windows always, open only at least once a day to give your plants some sunshine, and to improve airflow.
  6. Place your plants in. If you’re still germinating seeds, place the containers with soil in.
  7. Make sure that you have enough space to move around and tend to your plants.
  8. Perform a test run and check the light intensity, fan strength and temperature and humidity levels.

One of the most exciting activities is growing cannabis plants to have your own supply of recreational and medical weed. It is also rewarding especially when you personally handle your plants from seed to weed. It’s also very impressive and satisfying when you grow cannabis from your own DIY grow room for your marijuana. Now, you’re on the road to growing all kinds of cannabis seeds and enjoying the best homemade weed.

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