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DIY Grow Cabinet for Your Cannabis

Have you ever thought of growing cannabis at home? Perhaps you want to, but you didn’t have a private place or enough room to plant it. Or maybe you don’t have that budget for the cost of setting up or buying a grow cabinet at home. Worry no more, as you can also have a DIY grow cabinet for your needs and preferences.

There’s a reason why you want to keep your operations of growing cannabis plants private. You don’t want anyone to know what you’re up to, which is fair and safe enough so you can freely grow your cannabis. So if you are interested in DIY grow cabinets, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will know more about how to make grow cabinets for your cannabis and understand why it’s a smart solution to grow discreetly.

What is Cannabis Grow Cabinet? 

Despite being the easiest, affordable, and discreet way of growing weed, grow cabinets are not as popular as it should be. It’s not always available in the market. That’s why growers come up with a DIY grow cabinet for their cannabis.

It’s a growing chamber that is known for being self-contained, and it’s essential for most cannabis plants. It is usually a large box that comes with a shiny interior. There are also grow lights and fans for ventilation, and it’s usually built-in. Nowadays, DIY grow cabinets get better, and there are now small cabinets to save electricity. Just think about the prices; when you decide to go for DIY cabinets, then you’re in luck.

Grow cabinets are flexible and versatile in nature, and you can have that pre-made tents and put everything you need. Many growers who make their own DIY grow cabinet usually invest in expensive lighting as they are energy-efficient. However, it’s not necessary to spend too much on lights, but if you do, your cannabis growth would be efficient in the long run. More so, DIY grow cabinets will let you come up with your own speed.

Useful Tips for DIY Grow Cabinets 

Perhaps you plan on putting up a DIY grow cabinet for your cannabis. Before you come up with a decision to make one, you must also know what are the factors to consider to have a successful result.

Built of Cabinet

Your grow cabinet must have a sturdy outer shell. If you want to make it look like it’s not too obvious, you can make use of your old divider, filing cabinet, or even toolbox. You can also build a box using plywood or left-over lumber. Also, when building a grow cabinet, you must take note of the seal, size, and stealth. Make something that blends with your surroundings that will not be too attractive for visitors.


The plants, wherever you grow it, will need lights for them to grow effectively. Choose lightings that will simply get too hot for a tiny space inside your grow cabinet. You may also do the mounting yourself if there is no way to purchase these kinds of lights.

Also, you might want to consider building a framework for the lights using a PVC pipe. It’s just simple to make, as you only have to wrap the frame using a thin piece of steel, and you’re ready to plant.


A DIY grow cabinet will definitely need exhaust fans to keep everything ventilated. Perhaps you want to install a fan inside, especially when you build two chambers.

Odor Control 

Just so you know, one of the challenges in building a DIY grow cabinet is how to control the odor of the weed. Your neighbors could smell it if you will just let it grow that way. You can find a small yet effective filter, so the odor will not disturb the people around.

Making DIY Grow Cabinet Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you’ve decided to make a DIY Grow Cabinet for your cannabis, here are the useful steps or guides to successfully make one.

  • Step 1:  Having all the materials needed in making grow cabinets is essential. Missing tools will make it hard for you to finish your project. Here are the materials needed in DIY Grow Cabinets. 
  • Marker or pencil
  • Cardboard box (large)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Duct tape
  • Small fans
  • Grow lights
  • Cutter
  • Surge protector
  • Pots for growing
  • Soil
  • Cannabis seeds
  • Step 2: Once the materials are complete, put the cardboard box in your working area. It must be standing taller than its width. It needs to be big enough horizontally or vertically so the cannabis plant will fit in. Bigger growth of plants will most likely happen if your cabinet is big.
  • Step 3: The diameter of your fans should be measured and written down. You must do the same thing with your outlet plug from the lights. To make everything accurate, you must at least measure everything twice to be sure.
  • Step 4: Mark the fans and outlet hole to the wood or cardboard box using your marker. Be careful not to cut the fan holes and the outlet hole with your cutter. You must do everything without a mistake here.
  • Step 5: Get your aluminum foil and be prepared to roll it. You have to coat the interior of the box to make everything inside shiny. The foil must stay and if using glue is needed, then try it as long as you are not making a mess.
  • Step 6: Make incisions in the foil over to the holes you made and fold the other foils outwards to have more coverage. Then push your outlet through the hole and pull it until the lights are in the box. You will need duct tape to attach it.
  • Step 7: Put the fan in the hole and see to it that it is placed to blow the air inwards rather than blowing out. Make sure they are placed correctly, and using duct tape is a big help.
  • Step 8: Double-check the things you’ve installed and make sure that the aluminum foil is attached well. See to it that everything that needs to be covered in foil is made accordingly so your plant will grow successfully.
  • Step 9: This is the part where you’re done. Test everything if it works, from the lights, the fan, and even the water when necessary. When everything’s settled, then you can now proceed to grow your cannabis. 


Making a DIY Grow cabinet is a big help so you can grow your cannabis effectively. It saves you money, rather than buying the ones in the market. You just have to know the factors you need to consider to have an efficient growing cabinet for your cannabis. You only need a few and easy to find tools and a little skill in installing the grow lights, filters, and ventilation systems; then you’re good to go.

Just make sure that you’re making everything in a private way and not disturbing or hurting anyone. You will see that your efforts will pay off once you were able to grow cannabis on your own, in the comforts of your home.

Now that you have learned how to make your own grow cabinet, you may now start your indoor weed growing journey with the help of the best marijuana grow book!

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