DIY Grow Box

DIY Grow Box: Easy-to-Follow Guide

Having a recommended environment is a plus for cannabis growers. But, most of the time, the setting of the cultivation process will bring complications to the grower and the plants. Fortunately, there’s a way to bring cannabis cultivation forward with DIY Grow Box.

DIY Grow Box is a conveniently-designed environment for growers with a non-ideal location. This mini container’s assistance for cannabis plants will allow cultivators to access the optimum results they could ever hope for their growing cops. 

Because of the less-hassling effects, many are resorting to this approach. To know how to develop this setup and procedures to follow correctly, here are tips and advice that you should keep in mind when creating your own DIY Grow Box.

Everything you need to know about DIY Grow Box

A DIY Grow Box is basically a minuscule version of the ideal environment for growing a marijuana plant. Before stepping forward into the actual cultivation process, you should know that you will have to sacrifice bits of natural ingredients in developing marijuana seed.

Nonetheless, DIY Grow Box is designed to support the marijuana plant’s growth development artificially. The setup also aims to improve that no conventional method can provide, which is to tame and control the plant’s stature in a limited space.

Materials that you will need:

The following should be present during your construction period for your DIY Grow box. But, feel free to consider some suitable alternatives.

  • Plywood (Will be cut into pieces for the grow box but preferably 1/4)
  • Grow light
  • Reflective Material (The size depending on the plywood’s measurement)
  • 2 pcs Cooling Fans (Preferably computer fans)
  • Filter for fans
  • Thermostat and Rapidity Regulator
  • Plant Pot
  • Other building equipment like screws, drills, screwdriver, tape, electrical cord or wire, electrical tape, scissors, hinges, electrical outlets, switch for light, lightings, and other equipment.

An Easy-to-Follow Guide in building your own DIY Grow Box

There are two ways to have a DIY Grow Box. The easiest is to buy a complete set where you won’t have to place the materials inside the small grow tent manually. The second is the manual approach, whereas you will be purchasing all materials your DIY Grow Box will need. For the manual method, here is the step-by-step guide.

First Step: Frame the Box

Build the box from the materials that you acquired and frame a cube. Make sure the corners are sturdy, so there would be no unnecessary movement. It would be best if the top of the box will contain the switches, so it’s sealed away safely.

Second Step: Complete the Grow Box by adding the top, bottom, door, and each side.

For the Grow Box, you may construct from two common rectangular plywoods and two square ones. As for the dimension, the most common is around 3 x 3, and the most massive DIY Grow box can be at exactly 4 x 4. You can already fit a number of plants inside.

Use screws to construct the box and add hinges before placing the door. It is suggested that you build two entrances, one from the side and the top – since the upper part can easily allow growers to have a view of their growing crops.

Third Step: Drill a hole for DIY Grow Box

To place the filter and the fan in a grow box, drill a hole that will fit the fan’s size. If there is more than one fan, you can drill as many holes as fit. But, ensure that the electrical cord will not bother the living thing inside the grow box. Hence, put all electrical cords outside the box.

Fourth Step: Sand the DIY Grow Box before Staining

After wrapping up the construction of the DIY Grow box, the procedure will proceed in sanding and staining the plywood to make it more presentable. Sanding and staining will enable DIY Grow box to be water-resistant and durable.

Fifth Step: Install the supplies inside the DIY Grow Box

  • First, you will have to place the fans inside by ensuring the fan will face at the bottom of the setup and that it would allow air inside. Then, the exhaust fan will be better off at the top, where it can pull out air for better ventilation.
  • Second, place the grow light on the top and make sure to add reflective material on both sides of the DIY Grow Box. Most of the time, cannabis plants are more likely to thrive when exposed to direct natural sunlight. Then, install the light switch that would connect all wires together. With that, it would be an excellent idea to have a prime controller for a non-hassling regulation.
  • Third, employ the power supply where no other materials will intervene. The power supply will then be hooked up to power cables and cords.
  • Lastly, install a power outlet intended for both thermostat and light. The location of the power outlet will be ideal near power supplies for easy access.

Final Step: Wrapping up the Final Touches

After completing all instructions for DIY Grow Box, it is a must to try out the setup and search for possible complications, especially with electrical cords. Then, do a test run for a day and take note of things to improve and what to add more.


If you find your environment not capable of supporting life, DIY Grow Box has to be the most helpful alternative. Aside from easy-to-follow procedures, DIY Grow Box will also allow you to take control of the situation, whether from how tall you wish your cannabis plant would turn out or the yield.

With all these suggestions, you can now proceed in making your own DIY Grow Box. If you feel compelled to make some changes and apply effective alternatives, you are free to do so.

Now that you have made your own grow box, start growing weed like a pro, and learn the best techniques from the best marijuana grow book.

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