DIY Greenhouse for Cannabis

DIY Greenhouse for Cannabis

Building a greenhouse may sound like a lot of work, and it is. Still, it doesn’t have to be. A lot of cannabis growers forgo the idea of building a greenhouse for a multitude of reasons, be it the lack of space, the cost of having one, and the right way of maintaining it. True enough, when you want to build a DIY greenhouse for your cannabis, you need to consider a few things. So, before you get to try and build one now, weigh your options very well.

Still, contrary to a lot of opinions, building your DIY greenhouse can be easy. It doesn’t have to be grand and big since you don’t want to attract unwanted attention. Instead, you can create a different greenhouse perfect for your growing needs. Here’s how to do it.

Before you Build your DIY Greenhouse

Before you decide to build your DIY greenhouse today, take a moment to read and understand some things. These will help you recognize the responsibility you will undertake for your next project. The process of preparing can be exhausting, but the result will be worth it.

Growers think of building a DIY greenhouse because of the several advantages. Having a greenhouse allows growers to save on the money spends on lighting. It is because the sun will do the trick instead. Greenhouses are secured and organized, making them the ideal set-up to work on your marijuana plants. It is likewise better than planting outdoor or indoor.

  • First, you must know what kind of greenhouse you want. Will you be willing to spend money on more expensive materials such as metal frames? If yes, then you can envision the design you want to have for your greenhouse. However, it would be hard to create a concrete plan right away, so allow modifications as you go along the building process. One thing to consider as well is the resiliency of the DIY greenhouse against the harsh weather.
  • Next, you must build your greenhouse in an ideal location. Meaning, it must be away from the prying eyes of your neighbors and the authorities. It would be better to find a place where there’s easy access to sunlight, water supply, and other essentials for the growing process.

Then, you can now start sketching your initial plan and the materials to use for your DIY greenhouse. Plan ahead of time, and have back-up plans as well. So, do your research on the best materials to use and see where your DIY greenhouse will look after.

Note: One of the errors people have when making their DIY greenhouse is not giving sufficient space for the end growing processes such as curing and drying. So, the space for your greenhouse is not too inadequate and stuffy, or you will have a laborious time moving around during the planting season. Have additional storage for your basic needs like fertilizers, pots, and others.

How to Build your DIY Greenhouse?

Now that you have envisioned everything well, it’s time to know how to build a DIY greenhouse. If you are good at building, then you won’t have a problem knowing what to do and what materials to choose. However, if your new at this, asking for professional help will do. Just be cautious about the amount of information you share to avoid any conflicts.

There are different greenhouse designs to choose from. There is a lean-to the wall design, tunnel, gable, or a hoop greenhouse. Choose the style and the size of the greenhouse you want to build. From there, you can list down the things you must buy and prepare.

The most common DIY greenhouses built by many growers is the hoop greenhouse. It is easy to make, and you can choose to make a bigger or smaller one. Hoop greenhouses are cheaper and easier to build. It has a simple concept design that’s easy to follow. The pipes bent into arches that create half-circles. They are then set in distances away from each other. These arches are attached to a frame board for stability. Durable plastic is put to cover the arches, thus, protecting the inside and letting sunlight come in easily.

Things You Need

For your materials, you will need the following: wood, preferably cedar, PVC pipes, rebar stakes, polyethylene plastic sheeting, tape, staples, stapler, and a rubber mallet. The number and the number of materials you need depend on the size of your DIY greenhouse.


Now, you can start making your DIY greenhouse.

  • First, take a look at the space you want to build your greenhouse. Clear away any obstructions such as large stones, weeds, and other unnecessary things. Build your greenhouse facing south since this is where the sunlight is directly from.
  • Second, take your measuring tools and mark the corners of the area where you planned to build the greenhouse. Then, use the wood board to build the frame around the corners of the greenhouse. It will give the support you did to keep the greenhouse standing.
  • Third, plant the rebar stakes halfway through the ground. Use your mallet, and be careful to avoid any injury. Put the rebar stakes on the corner and in the middle of each side as well. Once done, take one PVC pipe and put one end inside the rebar stake, then slowly bend the pipe and put the other end to the opposite rebar stake on the opposite side. Repeat the process until you used all pipes and rebar stakes.
  • Fourth, connect all the arches by adding a spine at the top. You can use another PVC pipe and duct tape to connect them. Then, take another PVC pipe and take it on the side of the arches, between the ground the spine above. Do it on the other side as well.
  • Fifth, put the plastic on top. Ask help for this might get tricky. Do it on a sunny day so the plastic will stretch nicely. To prevent any deterioration on the polyethylene plastic given by the PVC pipe, cover the pipes where the plastic gets in contact. It is to create a barrier that helps both materials from tearing each other.
  • Sixth, using staplers and staples, cover the greenhouse skeleton with plastic. Stretch and secure it tight so the powerful winds won’t flip it away. You can create a curtain-like design on the ends for ventilation.

Now, you learned how to make your DIY greenhouse with a few tools and some helping hands.

Now that the DIY greenhouse is looking good, it’s time to focus on the environment inside the greenhouse. Your marijuana plants will need the right temperature and proper airflow. The curtains on the lower part of the greenhouse can be rolled up and down to let air circulate, or fans can be placed on the sides to keep the cool air around.


Sometimes, it can get scary when you don’t entirely know anything about a specific idea. Building a greenhouse may seem like you need to spend serious money and buy a lot of items, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several alternatives to choose from.  But still, if you have money to spare, you can upgrade your DIY greenhouse and use more expensive materials. A glass greenhouse would be a good spot for your marijuana farm. Yet, the most important thing, aside from the resilience of your new greenhouse, is the amount of privacy you can get to have a safe and quiet marijuana growing season.

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