Different Types of Rolling Papers

Different Types of Rolling Papers for Marijuana Smoking

There are different types of rolling papers for cannabis smoking available in the market that you can choose from. Roll your own marijuana joints right at the comfort of your home and choose from any of the different types that can suit your taste and start enjoying pot smoking. Using rolling papers to smoke weed buds has been made more fun because you can even find them in great-tasting flavors to satisfy your taste buds. Aside from the flavored type, there are also healthy types of rollies available made from natural substances.

Regular is usually made of pure cellulose material derived from vegetable so it is completely safe for the body. It will not alter the taste of weed buds.

Hemp-has a slow burning rate and is one of the healthiest types of rolling papers that produces a clean-tasting smoke without the black ash residue and no aftertaste.

Flavored– it is used to add flavor to pot smoke. It comes in flavors such as apple, berry, menthol, grapes, blueberry, strawberry, watermelon and many others. Smoking cannabis is made more exciting because you can now add up your favorite flavor as you smoke the buds.

Premium-is a high quality type of rollies that won’t change the taste of the buds as you smoke. It doesn’t burn too quickly unlike the other types.

Rolling papers are small sheets used for rolling cannabis joints either by hand or through a rolling machine. Rolling your own marijuana joints is made more fun because of the variety of options you have when it comes to rollies. Some rolling papers may contain dyes, asbestos and other toxic substances that can cause harm to your lungs. Choose healthy rollies from natural substances to enjoy long years of smoking marijuana minus the harmful effects from toxicants and other cancer-causing agents.

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