Different Types of Air Purification Systems For Pot Growing

Different Types of Air Purification Systems For Pot Growing


The use of an air purification system provides several benefits to those who are into indoor marijuana growing -either in soil, hydroponic nutrient solution and other grow mediums. Purifying the air inside the grow room will keep marijuana plants growing healthy. Stagnant air in an indoor garden can cause mold growth that may eventually destroy your entire garden spot when not treated earlier. An air purification system is also good for controlling the cannabis odor.

Air purification systems are of different types, depending on the size of the grow room, the number of cannabis plants grown and gardening needs of the grower. Ozone generators, exhaust fans and activate carbon filters are some of the commonly used air decontamination system for indoor cannabis gardening.

Different Types of Equipments for Air Decontamination

Ozone generators– help reduce ganja odor within the grow room. It also acts as a disinfectant and works by killing the microbes and other harmful agents present in the air. It can also be used in small to large room spaces.

Exhaust fans– help in promoting proper air exchange within an indoor room or in a greenhouse set-up. With the use of this kind of air purification system, carbon dioxide levels in the room are replenished. Artificial light sources usually produce heat. Installation of an exhaust fan is necessary to control temperature and kept it at a standard level.

Carbon filters– this will help in providing quality air in the marijuana room. Almost 99% of the odor is eliminated. Stale air is taken out from the room as the carbon particles absorb the marijuana smell from the air.

The use of an air purification system will not only help in reducing weed smell in the grow room but it is also installed as a preventative method for mold growth and other problems caused by stagnant air that usually are happening when air becomes stagnant inside.

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