Different Methods of Germinating Marijuana Seeds

In growing weed either indoors or outdoors, the process of seed germination seems to be a very easy task. But don’t you know that even a simple task as seed germination will require for your attention, time and of course a bit of expertise. It is essential that you know how to identify the bad from the good pot seeds. Do not waste your time in germinating cheap but low-quality marijuana seeds because with such quality, you cannot expect a high germination rate.

Best Method of Germinating Pot Seeds

Marijuana seeds can be germinated through the use of a paper towel method. You can also let the pot seeds sprout in a rockwool placed in a tray. Just before you do the seed germination, ensure that space, where you will place the germinated seeds, is thoroughly cleaned. The three things necessary to make sure of successful seed germination are warmth, darkness, and moisture. Several gardeners growing marijuana find the paper towel method as one of the best methods of germinating cannabis seeds. The use of rockwool cubes is also an excellent way of pot seed germination. Germinating marijuana seeds in either way will guarantee success if done right and you have quality seeds. Never let the paper towel or rockwool cubes dry to prevent killing the seeds.

Rockwool for Germinating Weed Seeds in Hydro Set-up

Using a rockwool for germinating pot seeds is also one of the best ways to initiate sprouting if you plan of growing cannabis in a hydroponic setup. The rockwool has the ability to hold water so it can keep the seeds in a moist environment. You can use rockwool cubes. Soak the cubes in water and pinch tiny holes on top, just enough to place the marijuana seeds to be germinated. Place the rockwool cubes containing the seeds in a tray. Place the tray in a warm and dark area and let the seeds germinate for days. Always check the tray for the presence of water. The rockwool cubes have the ability to absorb more water. In a day or two, you will start seeing the pot seeds cracked open. Once the roots are starting to hold the rockwool medium, then you can begin transplanting them in your hydroponic garden.

Growing marijuana indoors or outdoors will require you to germinate the seeds unless you are growing pot from clones. Cannabis plants will grow fast after pot seeds have germinated.

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