Different Kinds of Marijuana Indoor Growing Methods

Unlike outdoor weed growing where plants are to be planted directly in soil, growing indoors will give you a variety of options on how to cultivate your marijuana plants. Pot cultivation can be made successful using different growing methods. If you want an easier way, then you can cultivate marijuana using a commercial potting soil as a medium. Quite difficult to set up and needs advanced growing marijuana skills, a hydroponic system is preferred by some pot gardeners because of the several advantages it brings aside from producing excellent yield.

In indoor pot growing, you have the option to choose between different growing methods, either in the soil, hydroponics or cultivating cannabis in mediums like clay pellets, perlite, and coco coir. Along with your chosen indoor grow method, feed your cannabis plants with the right type and amount of nutrients, install an artificial light source, maintain the standard level of humidity and temperature and install additional grow equipment. With these things being accomplished by a pot gardener like you, success in indoor growing is ensured.

Marijuana Growing In Soil

Because of its availability, the soil is one of the most commonly used medium for growing weed. Growing marijuana in soil is one of the best methods of cultivating cannabis. You can grow weed plants in pots with a commercial potting soil or you may cultivate the plants in a closet. If you want to ease in growing and you do not want the hassle of setting up an artificial lighting source, reflective material, ventilating and odor control systems, then you can cultivate marijuana plants in a grow tent which you can purchase from an online store or local suppliers. Marijuana cultivation done in a grow tent is one of the easiest methods of growing cannabis because it comes with all the necessary equipment needed for a successful indoor growing. It is built with a mylar reflective material, vent fans, odor control,and light source.

Pot Growing Using Hydroponics System

Using the hydroponics system is one of the methods of growing cannabis indoors. It may be costly during the initial set up but gives more advantage and benefits to the growers in the long run. With pot hydroponics growing, weed plants are saved from soil-borne diseases. It is a cleaner way of growing cannabis and can give excellent bud harvest but requires advanced growing skills to make it successful.

There are different methods and indoor growing techniques you can choose from if you want an abundant harvest of buds. Aside from growing in soil and hydroponics, marijuana can also be cultivated using either of these mediums- coco coir, clay pellets, and Rockwool.

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