Diesel Strain Review

Diesel Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips

Diesel is one of the newer breeds of cannabis that came from a combined sativa and aurora indica. This weed is one of the strains that grow very tall upwards but have less number in leaf count compared to the other varieties. Diesel is among the well-known types due to its enormous height – growing upwards to 12 feet outdoors and 4 feet indoors. The semi-arid to a semi-moist climate like that of Southern California is where it thrives and forms its very powerful effects when smoked. It is very sour and lemony in taste and can put any smoker to a very good and long high while putting a decent body buzz. Diesel does not have a very outstanding yield in ratio with its height but the effects are worth the time to spend cultivating this much sought after marijuana that has above a 5-hour wear off period for its variety.

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Where to buy Diesel cannabis seeds?

Order Diesel marijuana seeds from an online seed bank like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company and they will send your purchase made online discretely to your address. They might also provide you with free seeds with your order. If you want to grow marijuana from seeds, then it is just right to order Diesel seeds with high germination rate.

Diesel Cannabis Specification

Type: Regular
Climate: outdoor
Yield: 400 gr – 500 gr/m2
Height: Very Tall (12 feet)
Flowering period: 55 – 65 days
Harvest: Early November
Stone type: Cerebral Head High; Heavy Body Stone
THC level: Strong 15% to 20%
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of Diesel

  • It is a hybrid indica Sativa strain but much preferred for daytime use because of its euphoric and uplifting high.
  • Buds of the Diesel strain is fairly dense with orange pistils. The entire bud is almost covered with crystals and thick resins.
  • Diesel is a quick-growing strain that only needs few weeks of vegetation so it can proceed to its flowering phase.
  • It has a grapefruit smell and it tastes like grapefruit berry green. However, the fruity taste of Diesel is not as powerful as its aroma.
  • Since it has the indica influences, Diesel is also known as a great bud producer under optimal growing conditions.

Growing Diesel Tips

Diesel is an Indica Sativa hybrid that suits well even in an indoor and outdoor grow. It is characterized by almost 70% of Sativa characteristics so you can expect it to grow from medium to tall height. Allow them to grow outdoors for a much bigger yield.

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