Cultivators Choice Review

As said, this company does not exist anymore, this is created by the founder named Sam Skunkman who is known to have bred multiple cannabis strains including the Acapulco Gold, Afghani #1, and South African. The breeder is known to produce hybrid strains through the combination of some landrace seeds and F1 or F2 hybrid strains. But nonetheless, there are sources saying that the company is operating discreetly presumably as a breeder and not a seed bank. As of now, the company does not have any website or any social media page that you could follow to reach them ours easily. All that you could do is to rely on their respective seed banks as it’s their only primary exposure to the cannabis society.

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Best Features of Cultivators Choice

Shipping Information

There’s no relative information or idea as to its shipping details. It’s not known whether the company still sells its seeds. Nonetheless, you could contact any seedbank who carries their seeds and strains to find out more regarding this.

Seeds Selection

Basically, most of their seeds are from landraces and F1 or F2 respectively. Likewise, these strains are typically known by a lot of cannabis enthusiasts. In particular, this includes the Skunk, Acapulco Gold, Afghani #1, Indi-Sat, South African, Early Girl, Mazani-Afghan, Original Haze and others.

Customer Service

Though the company has lowered their profile over these past few years, their seeds and strains are still buzzing out to the cannabis market for their potency, ease of cultivation, and high quality. As of now, there are no direct reviews with the said company. You could connect as close to them through seed banks that consequently sell their seeds.

Website Functionality

The company has no existing website as of now. Aside from that, there are no social media pages or groups that this company includes. Exposures of this company online are through its hybrid strains that are commonly sold by various seed banks into the local cannabis market.

Pricing and Payments

Since the company is said to only distribute seeds to various cannabis seed banks, there’s no relative information as to the pricing or form of payments that one should do. Nevertheless, you could just reach out to any seed bank who have their seeds to know more about these details.

What We Like About Cultivators Choice

High-quality Cannabis Seeds

What We Don’t Like About Cultivators Choice

Limited Information

Our Verdict

This company is exclusively a breeder and does not get involved much with selling their seeds. Nevertheless, their location and main headquarters are unknown to most cannabis enthusiasts. The only thing we know is that the company is the one responsible for making amazing hybrid strains to name a few such as Skunk and Acapulco Gold.

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