Cropi Canna Seeds Review

Cropi Canna Seeds Review

A reputable breeder based in Canada that has been known to deliver high-quality seeds to various seed banks. Respectively, the seed banks for which carries seeds of this company include Attitude Seedbank, Cannabis Seedbank, THC Farmer, and Sea of Seeds. As of now, the company has no existing website or any social media pages. The only direct connection with this company is through the seed banks. Nevertheless, the company is known for producing light, fresh, juicy, and fruity strains for its customers. Few of its cannabis strains include the classic Orange and Grapefruit which is loved by the customers.

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Best Features of Cropi Canna Seeds

Shipping Information

There’s no direct information as to the shipping and delivery of the seeds with this company. You could contact any seed bank that distributes any seeds that the company has to purchase over any cannabis seeds into it.

If you are currently living in the USA, you may search for seed banks that ship to USA!

Seed Selections

The company currently has a variety of seeds for purchase. Names dominantly are derived from different fruits as known for their juicy and fruity taste. Most of their seeds are grown only for indoors.  Exclusively, few of their seeds include Golden Grapefruit, Grapefruit, Mixed Berry, Orange Grapefruit, Orange Mango, and Orange Pineapple.

Customer Service

This company has excellent to its users who purchased seeds from this company. A lot of praise saying that their seeds had grown well and thus, no one should worry about purchasing seeds through this breeder. However, since the company has no website, there are no direct reviews from the company itself.

Website Functionality

As of now, the company has no website or social media page for you to look into. It’s unclear also where in Canada the company is located specifically. The only communication that we could get into this company is through the seed banks.

Pricing and Payments

For this, you could only rely on upon through the seed banks for which this company is linked into. Just visit into these seed banks and see how its payments go.

What We Like About Cropi Canna Seeds

Great Quality Cannabis Seeds

Variety of Seeds

What We Don’t Like About Cropi Canna Seeds

No Website

Limited Information on Payments and Shipping

Our Verdict

Overall, there’s really no information as to specific details about where the company is located. The only thing that you could take hold of the validity of the company are the seed banks for which the company’s seeds are directly purchased. Nonetheless, there are a lot of positive reviews as to its seed’s quality.

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