Copycat Seeds Review

This breeder and seed bank sells a variety of cannabis seeds to its users. Likewise, they sell only a few cannabis seeds to its users. In particular, these seeds are from strains including AK, Bubble, City Diesel, Kali, Nebulosa, and others. The company’s website now is currently unavailable and down for maintenance.

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Best Features of CopyCat Genetics

Shipping Information

The only thing that’s known is that the company delivers cannabis seeds worldwide. The company is registered as a Spanish company, so its assumed that their main headquarters is located in Spain.

Seed Selections

As said, the company bred a variety of seeds THC or CBD rich alike. Consequently, strains like AK, Bubble, City Diesel, and Kali are just a few of the cannabis seeds that they sell to its customers.

Customer Service

Reviews are pretty bad for this company. There are a lot of complaints saying that the company is a scam or hoax delivering them fake or low-quality seeds. Other than that particular website’s review, there are no current details or information as to the company’s operations. Perhaps, they have been keeping things discreet as much as possible.

Website Functionality

The company as of now has no website. They have a website before but could not visit now. For purchase with their seeds, you could interact with their partners such as THC Farmer and Master of Seeds for more details regarding this.

Pricing and Payments

As known from their already down website, payments could be done either through bank transfer or Western Union. For more information, you could purchase their seeds through their seed bank partners as indicated above.

What We Like About CopyCat Genetics

Seed Variety

What We Don’t Like About CopyCat Genetics

Very Limited Information

Poor Customer Reviews

Our Verdict

As of now, the company is inactive online and been doing its operations discreetly. Nonetheless, the company does not address out complaints and just block or ignore users who said mean things to them. It’s quite disheartening to know that the company just leaves its customers without answering their queries. It totally makes them a fraud or scam if they’ll keep on doing such actions.

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