Commerce City Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Commerce City Kush Marijuana Strain Review

This deliciously pungent Commerce City Kush is a cross between Chemdawg 4 and Rare Dankness #1. This cannabis hybrid can give you strong physical effects with a fuel-smelling aroma. You will also smell a hint of pungent diesel after a few tokes. The effects of Commerce City Kush can hit you right between your eyes. It can give a strong cerebral buzz that can be felt all over your body. You need to remember that this strain needs to be enjoyed indoors. The reason for this is because Commerce City Kush can give you effects that can be mentally and physically arresting. The buds of this cannabis hybrid are fluffy and dark olive green. It can also have dark amber hair with a coating of bright amber crystal trichomes.

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Commerce City Kush Specifications

Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid, 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Flowering: 9 to 10 weeks
Climate: Dry, warm climate
Yield: High
Flavors: Pungent, diesel, earthy
THC Level: 10% to 15%
Height: Short
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Commerce City Kush?

A happy and slightly hazy feeling is what you will get after smoking this strain. Individuals who have tried this strain out have reported not being able to focus on almost anything. As the effects grow more and more, your physical form will start to drift into a relaxing body high. This will then leave you couch-locked and hungry as well.

What are the Medical Benefits of Commerce City Kush?

The Commerce City Kush is said to be great and helpful in addressing different conditions like chronic pain, migraines or headaches, depression, chronic anxiety or stress, insomnia, and other related conditions. This is due to the moderate THC level that it has.

What are the Negative Effects That You Can Expect from Commerce City Kush?

Individuals who have already tried this type of strain have experienced adverse effects. The most common effects that they have experienced are dry mouth and eyes.

Tips for Growing Commerce City Kush

There is very little information regarding the growing guides of this strain. This strain, however, grows like an Indica and is a short and stocky plant with dense and round buds. The flowering process can be long but it will be all worth it once you will reach this stage.

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