Cloning Marijuana in Soil by Crazy Composer Method

Take the cuttings from your mostly desired marijuana strain. Cloning is one way of ensuring that you can preserve the cannabis genetic line you want. You can clone marijuana in soil using the Crazy Composer’s method. To get you started, you need to gather all the necessary items to be used in cloning.

Things Needed for Crazy Composer’s Cloning Marijuana in Soil:

1. Lid or clear membrane

2. Very sharp blade or nice sharp scissors

3. A container that can be covered in a lid or clear membrane

4. A medium like vermiculite or perlite which is mixed with vermiculite. Choose a type of medium that can hold water and do not go dry very quickly.

5. Distilled water. If you are going to use water from the faucet, let the water sit out for at least one day before using it.

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Once you have already gathered all the necessary materials for cloning in the soil, carefully select the mother plant from which you will obtain your cuttings. Select the node you want to cut. The angle of the cut is very crucial so you have to position it at about 45 degrees and make the cut about 0.5 cm to 2 inches above the node you have chosen to make the cut.

Below are some growing marijuana tips that you can do while waiting for the marijuana cuttings to develop roots:

1. Do not let the medium dry out if you see no roots are coming out. To prevent the medium from drying, use a spray bottle to saturate the cannabis cuttings and the medium.

2. Keep the humidity high because clones love it. You will know that humidity level is high if there is the presence of water vapor on the clear membrane. Maintain the temperature at 75 to 82 degrees.

3. It may not be easy to determine if the clones are already rooting if you are cloning in the soil. You will know if the roots are starting to develop if leaves are turning upright.

4. Do not let the leaves lay on the soil medium to prevent root rot.

When cloning marijuana in soil, using a rooting hormone will hasten root development. You can use a seedling tray or a pot to contain the soil medium you will use. See to it that your chosen container has good draining holes to prevent water from being stagnant. Once you have already inserted the clones into the soil medium, you can water the cuttings using water with pH 7.

The clones are now ready to receive light. Place the weed cuttings under CFLs or fluorescents and make sure they will be receiving fresh air.

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