Cloning Kits for Healthy Growing Of Marijuana Cuttings

Cloning Kits for Healthy Growing Of Marijuana Cuttings


The use of cloning kits has now become a popular use of several weed enthusiasts even if the using water alone can promote growth of roots. With the aid of this equipment, rooting is hastened and roots turn out to be much stronger. Aside from growing marijuana starting from seeds, several gardeners find it more advantageous to begin growing pot from cuttings because lesser time is required in harvesting the buds.

For faster root development, dip the freshly obtained cannabis cuttings into a rooting hormone, either in the form of powder or gel. Through the use of cloning kits, the kinds of roots produced are stronger and healthier. This grow equipment will help induce proper and tougher root formation.

Cloning kits are designed for marijuana cuttings. This equipment is preferred by indoor or outdoor gardeners who want to accelerate the root development of the fresh cuttings obtained from a mother weed plant. It is a popular choice by those who want healthy rootings from the freshly obtained clones. Ganja cuttings that are allowed to root using this grow equipment can establish healthy root development.Kits for cloning can help lessen the chances of mold growth on the weed cuttings. Thus, you can have healthy growing of ganja from clones.

Obtain the clones from a healthy and fast-growing mother plant. Once you already got the fresh cuttings, dip them in a rooting powder or gel. Thereafter, you may place the clones in the foam inserts that come along with the cloning kit. Wait for a few days to weeks and you will see roots starting to emerge from the cuttings. Once roots become stable through the aid of using a cloning kit, you can begin transplanting the clones in your preferred grow medium and your choice of growing environment- either indoors or outdoors.

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