Choosing Pots and Containers for Marijuana Growing In Soil

Choosing Pots and Containers for Marijuana Growing In Soil

Pots/containers ideal for marijuana growing range from plastic to metal made and come in different sizes to suit every pot gardeners growing needs. Whether you cultivate the plants using soil as medium or in a hydroponic nutrient solution, there are soil containers and hydroponic net pots suitable for them.

Soil and hydroponic growers have a lot of options when it comes to pot and containers for weed growing. Marijuana gardeners usually use pots/containers with two to five gallons capacity. With such holding capacity, the plants can establish strong roots and can take up nutrients and water properly. In the entire growing cycle of cannabis, plants should be transferred once or twice only. Constant transferring may hurt the roots of the plants and disrupt proper growing. From seed germination until the plants are ready to be transplanted, prepare pots/containers with medium to large sizes just enough to accommodate the plants from vegetative to flowering times.

What to look for in pots/containers for your weed plants:


The pots/containers where you will grow the marijuana plants should be durable, flexible and can be re-used for the next grow season. These grow materials should be heavy-duty and can be anything made from metal or plastic.

Promotes good aeration

Pots and containers should not only be durable but also have holes at the bottom to promote good aeration. Excess water is drained in the holes to avoid drowning the roots. Choose the type and size of the container that can best accommodate the size of the pot plants. Using the right size of containers and pots will give room for the proper growth of the weed plants.

Most indoor and outdoor weed gardeners are using the regular garden pots that are made of either metal or plastic. Any containers will do as long as you got the right size for the plants you cultivating and making sure that these containers have proper holes spacing for better root aeration.

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