Choosing Marijuana Males for Breeding

In growing cannabis, it is essential to know that male cannabis is the best useful inbreeding. Male cannabis is usually foliage without the extreme resinous flowery bunches of the female. If you are planning to get the job done, it is important to know the basics of choosing male cannabis for breeding.

Considerations before Breeding

Here are the things that you should consider in picking male cannabis for breeding:


It is easy to confuse male from female cannabis since the males carry genes that would possibly be seen in female attributes. But it is remarkable to know that markings of female and male phenotypes are different from each other. The offspring’s quality will be determined by the worth of male marijuana.

The structure of the plant is very important. Look for the plant that has a sturdy structure and could hold heavy weight on its branches than the others. You can test the branch strength by pushing down the middle part of the branch with one finger in a medium pressure and if it breaks, don’t waste your time in it. Leaf structure is also important to look upon. Depending on what you’re looking for, flat-bladed leaves can block out light from canopies while thinner leaves can produce more flowers and are easier to trim.

Male cannabis is often observed with traits like a rate of maturity, strength, physical appearance and resistance to hermaphrodism. The scent could also help in choosing the better male weed. Good quality male weeds have stronger scents than weaker ones. You can rub off the stem and see what smell comes off. Others will only make your fingers sticky while others smell so strong. You need not to rub them to notice their strong smell.


When pollinating a mother weed for seed, start in a 12/12 in full days before moving the male into the budding room. These seven days of observation can be used in inspecting each strain to be a bit different from the others. This will also allow the female plant in developing enough pistils that could produce a high volume of seeds. When the male is starting to flower, the females can then enter a window during day 21-24. This pollination usually lasts for 9 weeks. Remember to use larger space in growing pot. They will thrive better when on a large space.

By the time the flowers open, you can look for males that release the abundant amount of pollen. Growing enough males could help in producing true studs that give off the copious amount of pollen. It’s all about timing. The males that show sex and produce male flowers the earliest are the ones that you should avoid. These are the type of males that gives off less potency in the progeny. To avoid passing out the weak traits to its progeny, those who show undesirable traits must be culled out.

The main key to growing better seeds is planting more. With an ample amount of cannabis seeds, say 50-100, you may find 10-20 special male cannabis seeds.