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Chillums for a Quick Marijuana High

Originally, chillums were made of clay but now, these smoking devices are already available in materials like glass, wood and stone. This marijuana paraphernalia came from India and used as ritual pipes. It was also established in South America and other European countries. Many pot smokers find chillums a lot better than smoking cigarettes.

Chillums are like funnels usually made of clay but now available in stone, glass and wood materials. It can only be used for cannabis smoking when a filter stone is inside it. Using this can burn your hands so it is recommended that you smoke the weed buds through this paraphernalia by means of a cloth to avoid burning. It is considered as a strong hitter and can produce a real quick high. The kind of smoke produced is either hot or cold, depending on the material used.

Chillums are available in varied sizes, from small to large ones depending on your preference. Using this can give you a quick marijuana high and direct hit. Enjoying pot through this paraphernalia will let the hot smoke enter into the throat and going to the lungs. The size and the type of material that the chillum is made of will also affect the kind of smoke produced. Small sizes will produce a mellow smoke while bigger ones produce cooler smoke. It is ideally used as a marijuana smoking device when you are with a group of friends.

To enjoy years of smoking without buying more often, choose a chillum type with tough composition. You can get a piece made of red clay, quality stone or wood. Prices will also vary based on the materials used for construction and the size of the smoke paraphernalia. Online and local tobacco shops can present you a wide array of options of this smoking device.

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