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Cosmic Collision Marijuana Strain Review

With an explosion of flavors, combines with high potency, Cosmic Collision was created by MTG Seeds after crossbreeding Pina Collision and Cosmic Charlie. Cosmic Collision Specifications Cheat Sheet Type: 75% Sativa 25% Indica Flowering Period: 7 – 9 weeks Climate: Warm and semi-humid, similar to the Mediterranean Yield: High – 3-6 oz. per square foot […]

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Cotton Candy Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Cotton Candy Kush was created after crossbreeding Power Plant and Lavender strains. The result is a perfectly balanced hybrid, which is hard to forget once you get a taste of its cotton-candied aroma and flavor. Cotton Candy Kush Specifications Type: 50% Indica – 50% Sativa hybrid Flowering Period: 7-9 weeks Climate: warm and dry, with […]

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Cotton Purple Chem Marijuana Strain Review

Cotton Purple Chem is one of the strains which quickly managed to grab the hearts of marijuana aficionados globally. Winning the DOPE Cup in Seattle in the category of the People‚Äôs Choice award, this potent hybrid is a mysterious child of parent strains still unknown but Chemdawg strain claimed to be part of the lineage. […]

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Coconut Oil Marijuana Strain Review

A phenotype of the SFV OG is what the Coconut Oil strain is all about. This strain is a product of the Cali Connection’s genetic stock. This one got its name due to the strong coconut smell and flavor that it has. Once you try this strain, you can expect strong and very satisfying effects […]

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Cold Creek Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Cold Creek Kush is a rare type of strain that is quite hard to find and obtain. This Indica dominant strain is the result of crossing two powerhouses which is the MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91. The Cold Creek Kush has been widely used to address different medical conditions like chronic pain and insomnia. Many […]

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Colombian Gold Marijuana Strain Review

There has been a landrace marijuana strain that persists for centuries in the mountains of Anta Martha in Colombia, and that is the Colombia Gold. It got its name due to the feathery buds that it has which are covered with fiery orange trichomes. It has been considered as a gold standard for many users […]

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