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Club 69 Marijuana Strain Review

Many cannabis enthusiasts are raving about Club 69 because of its distinct floral notes and flavors. Club 69 delivers heavy-body feeling with relaxation. In higher doses, this strain can make individuals fall asleep. If you want to experience great relaxation and a stress-free mood, then this strain is the right one for you since it […]

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Cluster Bomb Marijuana Strain Review

An intense and buzzing cerebral high is what one can experience when smoking Cluster Bomb. This effect is also accompanied by an incredibly relaxing body high. Yet the effects will not lead to couch lock. Although this is considered to be a balanced hybrid strain, experts believe that this strain is more like an Indica […]

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Chocolate Rain Marijuana Strain Review

Chocolate Rain can be smoked or consumed by both beginners and advanced cannabis growers. It has an amazing buzz effect that gives you warm and tingling sensation. Chocolate Rain is a flavorful bud that is cross between two exceptional and delectable strains; Chocolope and Cocoa Kush by DJ Short’s Cocoa. Experience rich chocolate flavor that […]

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Chocolate OG Marijuana Strain Review

Chocolate OG is a potent bud that comes from a great lineage of popular chocolate strains. This is another rich chocolatey goodness that was created by THClones. It is a cross between the ever delicious Chocolate Rain and True OG. What makes Chocolate OG very special is that the effects get heavier as you consume […]

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Chocolate Sap Marijuana Strain Review

Chocolate Sap is bred by Taste Budz and is one of the best chocolate strains out there. Although the THC levels are not disclosed, Chocolate Sap has subtle and mellow effects. This is for all cocoa bud enthusiasts who want to experience smooth smoke. Chocolate Sap is also well-loved by many individuals who like recreational […]

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Chocolate Skunk Marijuana Strain Review

Chocolate Skunk is a skunky and stimulating cannabis strain that has one-in-a-million taste. It is a cross between the popular Skunk and the insanely delicious Chocolope. This strain has become very popular due to its skunky and chocolatey flavor. After exhaling the smoke, expect harsh yet sweet and chocolate coffee taste and aroma. You can’t […]

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Chocolate Thai Marijuana Strain Review

This is one of the best old school strains that are still available for consumption today. It is a great flavor combination of coffee and chocolate. The smell of Chocolate Thai is not that potent or distinct. However, if you love chocolates and Thai spices, then you are going to love this classic strain. Chocolate […]

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Chocolate Thunder Marijuana Strain Review

Chocolate Thunder is a light and mellow strain that feels like a warm hug. It has a very comforting and relaxing chocolate-coffee flavor that effectively energizes your spirit. This is why Chocolate Thunder is perfect for early morning consumption since this gives you the energy and focus you needed for the day. Another great thing […]

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Chocolate Tonic Marijuana Strain Review

Created by Purple Caper Seeds, Chocolate Tonic is a smooth and herbaceous strain. It has a ratio of 1:1 THC:CBD, which makes it perfect for medicinal and therapeutic use. What makes the flavor of this strain unique is that it has a blend of accented spicy herbs and rich chocolate overtones with pine notes. This […]

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