Cannabis Strains that Stand Out From the Crowd

While there are cannabis seed strains that are ever popular and ever present, there are occasionally seeds that appear as if from nowhere only to go and blow our socks off. Here we look at 3 cannabis seeds that defied convention and blew away expectation.

Unique Cannabis Seed Oscars of 2012

There are always the typical standouts in the cannabis seed world; the kings of longevity and resilience, the award winners, the underdogs and the evergreens, the AK47 seeds and the White Widows. What about the “not in category” contenders though? What about the cannabis seeds that stood up to be counted before they could even walk, as freakish and unusual as they are?

Here we run down 3 seeds with spectacular traits that made the big stage in 2012.

The CBD Crew’s Shark Feminized

With THC all the rage in terms of measuring the potency and thereby value of your cannabis seeds, CBD is so frequently overlooked. In fact if you were to go online and look up the traits of your favourite marijuana seeds you might not even see CBD mentioned. In fact, you might not even know what CBD stands for.

CBD stands for cannabidiol and functions kind of like a fine-tuner for the effects of THC. By achieving a balance of each at 6%, Shark Feminized offers a unique dream like effect that completely eradicates the paranoia and nervousness of more volatile strains. Add to this the 6 – 8 week growing time and overflowing 400 gr/m2 and this adds up to a pretty impressive little plant.

As the only seed bank to have truly mastered CBD content control, kudos to CBD Crew and Shark Feminized.

Auto Seeds Auto #1

In a world where automatic seeds have been ruled out as the weaker cousins of true seeds, Auto Seeds have dared to flee from convention and maintain their faith in a seed type that many had left for dead.

Automatic seeds were initially seen as a revelation with the ability to bud without aggressive pollination techniques. In effect, the perfect cannabis seed perfect for the beginner. The problem was that the plants produced always seemed somewhat watered down versions of the originals.

That is until Auto Seeds finally cracked the automatic dilemma. With staunch dedication to finest genetic sampling, they have been able to produce fully automatic seeds that don’t scrimp on potency.

With a THC level of up to 15%, Auto #1 can certainly stand up alongside some of the best feminized strains, while still being an excellent option for beginner growers.

Hero Seeds Blue Monster Holk

As a cannabis aficionado you’re always looking for the next great thing and in this case it’s about to come crashing through your wall.

As part of the emergent Hero Seeds collection, Blue Monster Holk is the outstanding candidate for sheer POWER! This is a cannabis seed that goes straight for the jugular with a straight up THC level of up to 26%. This is not for the faint hearted or the beginner.

There are few if any that can match Blue Monster Hulk. Hero Seeds know what they wanted and went for it. This is a truly unapologetic monstrosity of a masterpiece.

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