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Cannabis Smoking Through Pipes

You can enjoy smoking cannabis buds using different marijuana paraphernalia like bongs, pipes, hookahs, in joints and rolling papers. For an efficient way to smoke weed, use pipes which are available in different designs, styles, colors and are made from materials like glass, metal and wood.

Pipes are also known as marijuana bowls consisting of different parts such as the shank, bowl, stem and mouthpiece. This smoking tool is usually categorized according to style, the manufacturer and the materials used. Knowing the parts of this cannabis smoke device is essential in case you need to replace a certain part of it.

Wooden types- are usually used for smoking tobacco but have been found as a good tool to smoke pot buds.To smoke cannabis in pipes made from wood will let you enjoy a natural, rich and flavorful smoke. These types are available in ornamental designs or carvings with brass material that serves as the mouthpiece.

Metal types-are also known as chamber types that can give you a good hit once buds are smoked. These types also look like large hookahs. Other people would not even know that you are smoking pot because metal types look like ordinary smoking tools for tobacco and one of those antiques used as collections.

Glass types-produce a kind of smoke better than the wooden and metal types do. Glass pipes also offer some advantages that you cannot find in the other two types. Glass types do not heat up like the way metal pipes do because of the nature of the glass used. The smoke taste is also better and you have the chance to see the weed smoke as it fills the chamber. Together with the advantages, the glass types also have certain drawbacks.  They are breakable and once a certain part is cracked, you need to buy a new one.

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