Cannabis Leaves Drooping

How to Fix Cannabis Leaves Drooping

Witnessing your cannabis leaves drooping is a sign that there’s a problem occurring within your cannabis grow. It is very unsightly to see and will almost immediately need to be resolved. Knowing how to fix cannabis leaves drooping will further minimize more casualties and help recover your cannabis plants.

When cannabis plants exhibit different kinds of symptoms of diseases and problems, a grower should have the proper knowledge and know-about as to how to fix cannabis leaves drooping; if you want to know more about how to deal with cannabis leaves drooping, continue reading further down below.

Why is Cannabis Leaves Drooping?

There are many factors as to why your cannabis leaves are drooping, but the most common answer is your plants are either underwatered or overwatered. Watering might be simple, but there are certain things you must do to prevent this from happening. Overwatering and underwatering are some of the most common mistakes beginners make. If they see their leaves quite unhealthy, they would immediately grab a bucket of water and pour over it.

To simply put, there is much more to it than just watering alone. Most beginners and experts are under the impression that watering their plants rigorously gives them plenty of nourishment, and that’s not the case with plants. The most common culprit when it comes to cannabis leaves drooping is either under or overwatered.

Underwatering of Cannabis Plants 

Water is an essential part of a plant’s life to grow abundantly and healthy. Just like animals, plants are made up of almost 90 to 95% water. Also, water regulates the plant’s temperature and helps transports nutrients, and that’s why if there is a problem within your marijuana plants, the most important to note is how they are being watered.

When growers see their plants drooping, the first thing that comes to their mind is assuming that the plant is underwatered. Underwatered plants are certainly an issue. It also has corresponding consequences such as plummeting the rate in photosynthetic processes, which leads to a slower growth rate and overall development of the plant.

Another consequence is it stagnates the delivery of nutrients to other parts of the plant resulting in an inadequate supply of nutrients. The last consequence is the plant is forced to breathe faster, which causes the plant to focus its energy on breathing rather than growing.

Overwatering of Cannabis Plants 

If you are thinking that watering your plants vigorously to alleviate underwatering issues, sadly, that is not the case. Overwatering cannabis plants will almost result in the killing of the plant, don’t you know? When plants are overwatered, they are suffocated because it prevents them from taking in oxygen. When plants are not supplied with the proper oxygen they need, they are more prone to diseases.

Therefore, if you witness your cannabis leaves drooping, it may be safe to assume that it needs water badly. Luckily, overwatered plants have distinct symptoms, including:

  • Leaves that are curled down from the stem.
  • Yellowing of leaves.
  • After being watered, leaves droop.

Always bear in mind that overwatering of plants can only mean two things, you are watering your cannabis plants too often, or you are giving them too much water at once. Again, when it comes to overwatering, another factor is your growing medium; it might not have an excellent drainage ability and retains water.

Remember, almost all plants get their oxygen from their roots, and that oxygen is dissolved in the water. There are packets of oxygen in the growing medium as well for providing a vital oxygen source. When you water plants too often, the roots are immersed with stagnant water, and when this happens, cannabis leaves are drooping because they need air badly.

Methods on How to Fix Cannabis Leaves Drooping

Get the right medium

Ensure the medium you are going for has excellent drainage, so when you water your plants, it quickly drains at the bottom of the pot, which prevents the roots from being suffocated. Avoid using a clay-based growing medium, as they are known to retain water. Go for a high-grade potting mix, which includes perlite in it as it provides excellent drainage. Ensure there are holes within the medium for water to pass through until it reaches the bottom and drains away.

Lift your pot

Another basic way on how to know whether you have underwatered or overwatered your plant. Marijuana plants are known to be thirsty, and one suitable method to do this is inspecting the bottom of the pot; if you find it that the bottom of the pot is dry and light, it needs to be watered. If you find it heavy and compact, it still has water in it.

Growing cannabis and learning when is the right time to water your plants is the best way to hone this skill. If your plants are drooping because of overwatering, try stretching the time between watering schedules. Another method of conduction, whether your plants are dry or not, is with the simple way of putting your two fingers and place it down onto the soil. The top inch of the soil should be dry before it needs watering. If the soil on top feels wet or moist, wait until it dries out—a tested and proven method to tell you whether it is time to water your plants or not.


Seeing your cannabis leaves drooping is a sign that there are some problems with how you water your plants. Knowing when is the right time to water your plants is proven beneficial in the long run as it promotes excellent oxygen intake and better health overall.

Luckily, cannabis leaves dropping can be addressed at an early stage, be sure to have yourself prepared at all times to minimize further damage done to your cultivars. Always remember that there are only two main causes for which your plant’s leaves are drooping, if you know what are the causes, then you’ll definitely know how to address the issue with this guide.

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