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Can you Feed Marijuana Seeds to Birds?

Ever wondered if marijuana seeds have other uses besides being planted to grow marijuana plants? I know many of you would find it peculiar to know that you could actually feed marijuana seeds to animals, even birds. You may have encountered some bird feed mixes that contains marijuana seeds. It is actually true. The marijuana seeds are small enough to be devoured by your feathered friends and they would be happy to eat it and keep their stomachs satisfied.

Did you know?

There is an event in Great Britain that is done to force into the legalization of marijuana in the country. They don’t want to settle into violence. So what do they do? They feed the birds.

Yes. They feed the birds with marijuana seeds as a form of revolution to eventually convince their lawmakers to legalize marijuana in their country. Their motion is to make marijuana available to those who want to use it for recreation or for medicinal purposes.

Since marijuana seeds are not illegal and its distribution is allowed, they use this as their medium for their revolution. What they do is that they spread some seeds around and let the birds eat the seeds. The seeds that are not eaten by the birds then grow to a marijuana plant.

Who started this?

The person who started this goes by the name of Finn Hemingway. The movement started in 2014. He came into the idea of feeding the birds as a revolution because of his drive to legalize the possession and use of marijuana. He and many other people in the UK believe that marijuana should be legalized in order to cater to the needs of the people who want and truly need them, may it be for recreational or medicinal purposes.

How did this came about?

Just so you know, birds, such as a linnet, like to eat flax seeds and flax seeds are used to make linen. The scientific name of flax seeds is Carduelis cannabina. Pretty close to cannabis right? Well, marijuana seeds can be eaten by different kinds of species of birds which is why this has been the way for these activists to push the legalization of marijuana.

Although this isn’t the real origin of the movement it totally connects and proves that marijuana seeds can be fed to birds. Why else would the founders of this movement have the idea of feeding the birds with marijuana seeds if this is not viable or may not be good for the birds? The very fact that this is done proves that marijuana seeds is more than okay to be fed to the birds. Furthermore, this event has paved the way for more uses for the marijuana seeds other than just being planted as marijuana seeds.