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Can Marijuana Autoflowering Seeds Grow into Reliable Mother Plants?

Autoflowering cannabis typically goes through the flowering phase regardless of the light schedule included by the grower. This implies that it is not possible to force an autoflowering plant to stay in the vegetative phase by simply altering patterns. Because of this, most farmers make good use of this quality in order to create quality strains that quickly flower, and have a relatively shorter growing period. In order to cater to the specific disadvantages exhibited by the plant, cross-breeding an autoflowering plant, turning it into mother plants may become necessary.

Factors to Consider

When it comes to making sure that autoflowering seeds grow into reliable mother plants for cloning purposes, it is vital for the farmer to understand the specific traits of the plant. For example, farmers need to know that each plant comes with a mechanism which actually helps in identifying the perfect time for the plant to enter the flowering phase.

In the event that a farmer becomes successful in turning the autoflowering seeds into mother plants, there may still be some challenges that go along with it. For example, even though you actually succeed in the cloning process, you still need to know that the resulting plant will simply become a replica of the mother plant.

This means that the resulting plant will go through flowering just about the same time as the mother plant. What makes it pointless, however, is that the activity may be useless since it is still not possible to revert the plant again to the vegetative phase. On top of that, the plant will go through autoflowering phase. As expected, it can result in a harvest which can happen about the same time just like the mother plant.

What Happens Then?

After discussing the potential challenges in turning autoflowering seeds into a mother plant for cloning, does it mean that there are no available options for famers? Of course, there is. The first option is producing seeds coming from the female auto flowering strain. This can become possible once pollination is allowed to happen.

The seeds will also need to be planted in various containers. After two weeks, the plants will start to show their sex, with which you can already eliminate the male autoflowering plants and continue cultivating the female ones. This is a better and relatively more effective system to use in lieu of cloning. One of the advantages of this type of cultivating is that you no longer need to have separate growing rooms for the plants in various stages, such as the ones that are currently in the vegetative phase and flowering phase. Another option is to purchase autoflowering plants. With this option, the need to clone is eliminated.

Indeed, while it is challenging to grow autoflowering seeds into reliable mother plants, there are still alternative options for farmers. By availing of these options, it is still possible to grow quality marijuana plants.