Can Feminized Cannabis Seeds Good Mother Plants?

In order to understand whether or not feminized cannabis seeds can grow into good mother plants, it is best to understand first the makeup and nature of these types of seeds. Most of the online seed banks these days prefer to have only feminized seeds. A decade ago, they were very rare and are only being grown by expert farmers, but these days, everybody seems to be growing them.

Feminized cannabis seeds refer to the unfertilized, mature, unpollinated flower of a particular cannabis strain, particularly chosen for their high content, as well as the presence of other cannabinoids. With this reason, it is quite easy to understand why farmers have only become interested in growing female plants.

The Revolution in the Industry

Each of the cannabis plant that grows in a natural environment can either be a male or a female plant. While the male is the one that produces the polm which fertilizes the female plant, it is the female plant that actually develops the seeds. This is not typical for a plant that is considered ‘annual’. Regular cannabis seeds may generate from both male and female plants. There are no particular ways of predetermine the gender of the plant just by looking at its seed.

Feminized cannabis seeds, on the other hand, are produced with specifically chosen clones of plants that are very high quality. In countries such as the Netherlands, feminized plants are often preferred for coffee shop production. They are typically sprayed with silver salts, thus provoking the production of male flowers. However, the polm in the flowers only produces female chromosome. Once it is crossed with another female plant, the resulting offspring will only be 100% female.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds into Mother Plants

Aside from the fact that feminized cannabis seeds only produce female plants, there are also other advantages. One of the advantages is that it is highly possible to clone a plant from a seed. The concept might be impossible, but it simply means that the plant is crossed with itself, passing out to the resulting plant a good number of its good characteristics as a mother plant. This results pretty much similar to that of a clone.

Choosing feminized cannabis seeds is a good option in keeping consistent results. It is often very nice to start with clean and fresh seeds simply because they do not have issues such as insects, which is often very problematic when it comes to creating commercial clones. Due to the time needed for the seed to sprout, some croppers even have to resort in house cloning for commercial production purposes.

There are literally thousands of strains of feminized cannabis seeds that you can choose from in the market. What you choose need to specifically fit your needs and purpose of growing, whether it is for personal or medical purposes. At this point, it is very important to be realistic when choosing the strain. If you are growing for a mother selection, feminized seeds are a good option.