Cabin Fever Seeds Review

Cabin Fever Seeds Review

This marijuana breeder company consists of cannabis breeders NorCal. They are just recent in the cannabis seed breeding business, but have already made a good name and established a reputation for themselves. Cabin Fever Seeds have been developing and breeding cannabis since 2005. However, they have been growing and producing cannabis plants since 1980.

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Best Features of Cabin Fever Seeds

Shipping Information

Shipping charges and terms vary depending on the seed bank you will be purchasing their weed strains from. They may partner with seed banks that ship to USA.

Seed Selections

Some of their cannabis seeds produced include Chemmando, Blue Chem seeds,  Triple Deez, Cerial Killer, and Blue Geez seeds among others.

Customer Service

You can email the breeder for any questions or concerns at

Website Functionality

This cannabis company has their own website and their online exposure is a courtesy mostly of marijuana forums and trusted and reputable seed banks carrying their cannabis seeds.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Those who want to purchase cannabis seeds from this popular breeder may do so by just visiting the website or actual store of the seed banks carrying their cannabis strains such as Canna Collective, THC Farmer, and Seedfinder to name a few. Any CFSB discount codes aren’t available because they are offline. However, there are discounts and offers presented by seed banks that carry their weed strains.

What we like about Cabin Fever Seeds

Cabin Fever Seeds has made a name of their own by producing high-quality cannabis strains. They have partner seed banks selling their products. These seed banks are the most trusted and reliable in the cannabis industry.

What we don’t like about Cabin Fever Seeds

The website of Cabin Fever Seeds cannot be accessed as of this time. A further check should be done or upgrade as necessary.

Our Verdict

Cabin Fever Seeds offers superior quality seeds. Many seed banks trust them and distribute their weed seeds including Duke Nukem, Master OG, Triple Deez, Blue Geez, Satori Haze, and Blue Neville’s Chem. Indeed, you might be familiar with some of these cannabis strains. That’s why this breeder is popular among cannabis growers and marijuana enthusiasts.

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