Bongs: What it is and How to Use in Smoking Marijuana

Using bong is one of the traditional ways of smoking marijuana. It is also known as water pipe and believed to be a healthier way of smoking weed buds.However, recent studies have found that using this smoking device does not eliminate carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) present in smoke. It is one of the mostly preferred paraphernalia for cannabis smoking because it gives a smooth and cool smoke. Before the smoke is inhaled, it will first pass to the water so smoke is already cool as it enters the throat and lungs.

Bongs are composed of different parts, namely:

Chamber this is the part where the smoke from the pot buds will came from. This part is to be filled with water where the smoke will pass through before it is inhaled.

Stem this is where the buds are placed.

Mouthpiecethis is where you will inhale the marijuana smoke.

Bongs are made of different types of materials and those that are made of glass are considered as the best not only because of their smooth appearance and ease in cleaning but glass-made have been said to give the coolest smoke that won’t irritate your lungs. There are also bongs that are made of acrylic and metal.

Acrylic bongs are less expensive and are easy to carry wherever you are. However, those that are made of acrylics can get cloudy with frequent use. It is also quite difficult to clean because some cleaning agents used to remove tar may dissolve the acrylic. The ones that are made of metal are costly but can last for years because of its great durability. Unlike the glass-made that can easily break, the metal ones are unbreakable. Definitely, it is one of the best if you are looking for durable and long-lasting paraphernalia for cannabis smoking. However, some weed users dislike the use of bongs made from metal because of the different taste produced.


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