Bodhi Seeds Review

Bodhi Seeds company is considered as one of the most sought-after cannabis breeders of weed seeds because of the finest genetics that they incorporate in each cannabis seed strain they produce. Bodhi Seeds Company is a famous family-owned business using organic methods in producing cannabis seeds. They also use a special genetics file to determine the best cannabis strains to produce hybrid weed seeds.

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Best Features of Bodhi Seeds

Shipping Information

Bodhi cannabis seeds can be bought in many big seed banks such as Attitude seed bank, Cannabis Seedbank, Breedbay, and Seedfinder. The shipping information and delivery details depend on their partner seed banks. Check the website of the seed bank for more details. They may partner with seed banks that ship to USA.

Seed Selections

Some of Bodhi’s popular weed seeds include Bodhi Apollo 11, Bodhi Deep Blue Pakistani, Bodhi Space Mountain, and Bodhi Tigers Milk. They also have several classifications of cannabis seeds such as regular cannabis seeds, Heirloom, landraces, and the Bodhi seeds Limited Edition. They have new cannabis strains just waiting to be launched in the cannabis market including Tranquil Elephantizer, Dank Sinatra, and Elf snack.

Customer Service

Bodhi seeds company has no official website, so you need to purchase from one of their partner seed banks and deal with their customer service.

Website Functionality

Bodhi seeds company has no official website but they have enough online exposure as a courtesy of their partner seed banks carrying their cannabis seed strains. If you want to purchase marijuana seeds produced by the famous Bodhi Seeds, you need to deal with their partner seed banks and retailers carrying their genetics directly.

Pricing and Payment Methods

The prices, any discount coupons, and special offers, as well as payment options and shipping and delivery terms,  will greatly depend on the requirements of the company that is selling their cannabis seeds.

What we like about Bodhi Seeds

Bodhi Seeds offer superior cannabis strains so they are considered as one of the best breeders.

What we don’t like about Bodhi Seeds

They don’t have a website up to this moment.

Our Verdict

Bodhi Seeds offers the finest cannabis strains under their name. They have many trusted seed banks which only proves their fame and cannabis seeds demand.

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