Blue Mystic Marijuana Strain Review

If you are looking for one of the most popular and common strains of marijuana, then the Blue Mystic is the right one for you.  This cannabis came from its origins in California and can yield heavy marijuana buds. The Blue Mystic can be distinct in its latter stages of bloom because it can produce buds that have a velvet blue hue. What’s great about the Blue Mystic marijuana is that it can have an earthy smooth and berry flavor that is very enjoyable for marijuana smokers out there. It is not as harsh as you may think and it is great for first-time users. This is also great to store because it can have a long good shelf life. This is great to share with ladies because of its sweet taste. This plant can flourish outside if the climate is just right but preferably grown indoors. Its odor is not overwhelming compared to other strain of weed.

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Where to buy Blue Mystic Cannabis Seeds?

You can order Blue Mystic cannabis seeds from an online seed bank and they will send your order to your address in the soonest time possible. Usually, it takes 2 weeks to a month for the seeds to arrive at your address if you are in the USA. Make sure to check your local marijuana laws before ordering marijuana seeds online.

Blue Mystic Marijuana Strain Specification

Flowering Period: 55 to 65 days
Type: Mostly Indica
Harvest: September/October
Climate: Sunny
Stoned or High: Stoned
Yield: Medium 450 gm (15.8 oz) per M2
THC level: High 15%
Height: short
Grow Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Special Features of Blue Mystic

It is one of the best marijuana strains that is made popularized because of the blue hues that are becoming more evident around half of its flowering time (from 7 to 9 weeks).

Blue Mystic is an Indica/Sativa/hybrid but featuring more of the Indica traits and that includes having copious, dense buds and a solid body buzz effect when smoked. Up to 450 grams can be expected during harvest.

Having a short stature, the Blue Mystic is a good strain to grow indoors for those who have small grow spaces inside.

It does not exude a strong cannabis odor so you don’t have to worry about the smell of weed filling the entire room.

Growing Blue Mystic Tips

Blue Mystic could be planted outside and indoors but the indoor environment is highly recommended because the plants are susceptible to common pests and mold growth. Growing indoors will let you take control of the entire growing environment so you can provide the weed plants with an ideal growing condition that will allow them to fully thrive.

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