Blackberry Marijuana Strain Review

The Blackberry also is known as the blue strain is produced by the Black Domina, a high standard Indica strain that comes from Raspberry Cough and Sensi Seeds that is developed at Nirvana Seeds. The heavy business of this unique Marijuana called Black Domina represents the Blackberry that is a favorite of growers worldwide. You will feel a rich and thick feel that is similar to Asian cannabis in flavor. Once smoked it gives you a happy feeling and a cerebral high is expected from this wonder Sativa that many users love. The time period to grow and germinate the Blackberry would be 9 to 11 weeks and more for a bigger harvest of the excellent production of this Sativa. It is usually grown indoors expecting a large harvest of about 400-500 grams per plant. It contains high THC content reaching 25% and is considered as medical marijuana and classified as a white strain for its high genetic background.

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Where to buy Blackberry cannabis seeds?

If you want to buy Blackberry marijuana seeds, then buy it from legitimate online seed banks. There are trustworthy seed banks where you can buy it from. Just make sure to check your local laws before you do so that you won’t have any problems. These seed banks offer discrete shipping to their customers from around the world. They also give free seeds with your order.

Blackberry Marijuana Specification

Flowering Period: Average (9-11weeks)
Type: Regular
Climate: Mediterranean
Yield: 400/500
Height: Compact Plant
Harvest: 9-10 months
Stoned or High: Cerebral high
THC level: 20-25%
Grow Difficulty: Experienced

Special Features of Blackberry

  • Blackberry marijuana plants smell like blueberries. It is a favorite “berry strain” that produces thick and rich experience when smoked.
  • It is easy to grow in an indoor set-up and even when grown by the hands of marijuana beginners, a big harvest can still be expected for as long as you are doing it right. This can be tough to grow for beginners but you can buy a growing marijuana guide to make your life easier. The average yield is 400 to 450 grams in the Sea of Green method.
  • The flavor of Blackberry is very fruity with skunk undertones.
  • Smoking Blackberry will produce a heady effect and soaring, happy high. An Indica body buzz can be experienced as well because this strain is a mostly Sativa type (due to Raspberry Cough genetics) with some indica features (due to Black Domina genetics).

Growing Blackberry Tips

Blackberry marijuana plants can grow tall, so outdoor growing is preferred by most growers. You can plant Blackberry directly in the soil ground as long pH is checked for acidity or basicity. Bone meal, crushed oyster shells, and hardwood ash may be added if the soil is acidic.

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