Black Mamba Strain Review

Black Mamba is the ideal strain for those who wanted to experience excellent body relaxation. This awesome relaxing strain is a cross between Domina and Blueberry Bubblejuice. Just like the famous African snake called black mamba, this strain delivers great power and potent effects. Although you can expect strong and powerful effects, Black Mamba is not overwhelming. It is the right strain for people who want to read books or watch movies while smoking cannabis.

Type: Balanced Hybrid Strain, 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

Flowering: 7 to 8 weeks

Climate:  Mediterranean climate

Yield: Medium

Flavors: Fruity, floral, pine, berry, woody, sweet, grape

THC Level: 12% to 25%

Height: Medium to tall

Growing Difficulty: Moderate (some experience needed)

What are the Effects of Black Mamba?

The effects of Black Mamba can indeed make you feel sleepy. But before you start feeling the weight of the effects, this strain can make you feel happy first. Prior to feeling the full body high effects, the user can expect to feel euphoric. You will be able to enjoy your moment and be able to have more positive thoughts. Black Mamba can also make you feel very hungry.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Mamba?

Black Mamba is indeed a very relaxing strain and so many people who suffer from depression and anxiety can benefit from this strain. This strain also contains a load of anti-inflammation properties which will surely help you get rid of all the pain that you are feeling. Black Mamba can effectively relieve headaches, migraines, joint pains, and even chronic pain. Since Black Mamba has great potency, it can also help people achieve a better quality of sleep. If you are an insomniac and would like to experience a good night sleep, then it is advisable that you choose Black Mamba.

What are the Negative Effects That You Can Expect from Black Mamba?

Negative effects of Black Mamba include mild headaches and dizziness. Dryness of eyes and mouth can also be felt.

Tips for Growing Black Mamba

Black Mamba grows well indoors. Advanced cannabis growers recommend that you grow Black Mamba in soil or hydroponics. It is critical that you do not overwater or overfed these plants if you want to ensure that you will get a top quality harvest and bigger yields.