Black Label Seeds Review

Black Label Seeds is a cannabis breeder. They don’t have a website as of the moment. The Black Label weed breeders have been in the industry since 1997. They have a well- developed collection of cannabis landrace.

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Best Features of Black Label Seeds

Shipping Information

Because Black Label Seeds does not have any website at the moment, shipping details depend on the partner seed bank. They may be affiliated with seed banks that ship to USA. Their seed bank partners assure stealth shipping and fast delivery timeframes.

Seed Selections

Customers can purchase Black Label cannabis seeds from their trusted and reliable seed bank partners like Attitude Seed Bank and Everyone does it.  The latter is a large cannabis seed bank. Black Label Seeds breeder offers regular and feminized cannabis seeds, landrace genetics, and auto-flowering along with their standard cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica crosses.

Customer Service

Contact the customer care services of their partner seed banks because they don’t have a direct customer care number or email for direct customers. They need to have an online resource for customer queries at the very least.

Website Functionality

Black Label Seeds directly work with seed banks, wholesalers, and retailers. Feel free to visit their trusted partners like Attitude Seed Bank and Everyonedoesit to be able to purchase cannabis seeds produced by Black Label Seeds.

Pricing and Payment Methods

The major partners of Black Label Seeds accept credit and debit cards like Visa and Mastercard.

What we like about Black Label Seeds

Black Label Seeds breeder is offering a wide array of cannabis seeds and they have partner seed banks that are reliable to avail their products.

What we don’t like about Black Label Seeds

As of the moment, the company does not have a website yet, so it needs an online presence even just for announcement purposes. More clients will come if they will be able to set up their website as soon a possible.

Our Verdict

Black Label Seeds is a breeder that offers different high-quality cannabis seeds. They have partner websites to help them sell their cannabis products. For any questions or concerns just visit the website of their partner sites for more details.

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