Black Jack Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

Black Jack feminized is known to be the Blackberry’s mother due to it being a clone of the weed that was gathered from Seattle and set in the Netherlands. It can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors as this strain a good portion of the sun in its life cycle. Black Jack feminized somehow produces buds that are very hard to the touch and yet contains heavy strength since every bud is laced with THC. When smoking this pot, it gives off a herbal to fruity taste that is somehow a premium due to its lengthened effect. Its strength is very potent and puts the user both at a high head trip and stones the body at the same time. One of the best-known cannabis around, Black Jack feminized is good for the experienced cultivators as it will give off large returns as long as it gets a proper setup.

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Where to buy Black Jack Feminized seeds?

If you are looking for the right place to order Black Jack Feminized seeds then you can order them from online seed banks. These seed banks are legitimate and ship discretely to their customers from around the world. The shipping times for their Black Jack Feminized cannabis seeds and other high quality regular and feminized weed seeds differ depending on where you are located at. You can also receive free seeds if you reach their minimum cost of an order.

Black Jack feminized Marijuana Specification

Type: feminized
Climate: outdoor/indoor
Yield: 400 gr – 500 gr/m2
Height: Average to Tall
Flowering period: 9 – 11 weeks
Harvest: September to October
Stone Type: Sativa High; Cerebral Buzz
THC level: High 15% to 24%
Grow Difficulty: Experienced

Special Features of Black Jack Feminized

  • It is a combination of Jock Horror and Black Domino and combining both strains resulted in a uniquely produced cannabis plant that is producing hard and heavy buds.
  • Buds of Black Hack feminized are covered with THC crystals and look like grape calyxes because of loads of THC resins.
  • Smoking Black Jack feminized buds will give any smoker a long-lasting high with a balanced effect of relaxing body stone and uplifting, energetic Sativa kick.
  • It is a high-yielding cannabis that can give a harvest of around 400 to 500 grams per square meter and a good producer of high-grade buds having a THC content of 18% to 22%.

Growing Black Jack Feminized Tips

Since the plant can maintain a small to medium stature, it is a good choice for the Sea of Green method. Use this method if you want a fast bud production. Black Jack feminized can be cultivated indoors or in an outside garden but it is best grown in a Mediterranean climate.

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