Black Cheery OG Strain Review

Black Cheery OG has well-guarded genetics. This well-balanced hybrid strain has dense buds that have purple hues. It has a very sweet and addicting aroma that will surely get you hooked. You’ll also taste that berry-drenched honey flavor. Black Cheery OG is perfect for evening usage although it can also be used during daytime.

Type: Balanced Hybrid Strain, 50% Sativa, 50% Indica

Flowering: 9 to 10 weeks

Climate: Warm and sunny

Yield: Low

Flavors: Grape, lavender, tea

THC Level: 12% to 18%

Height: Medium

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Black Cheery OG?

Black Cheery OG can make you feel calm and relaxed on set. It then slowly uplifts your spirit and can help you become more talkative. You’ll feel happy and giddy, but you’ll feel lazy and sleep in a while. Cases such as munchies can also occur. While Black Cheery OG can send you to the clouds, this strain can also put you into a deep sleep. Be prepared with a mind-blowing couch-lock.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Cheery OG?

This is one of the best strains out there that can help people who have mood disorders. Black Cheery OG is also great for helping you bring your appetite back. Since this strain can make you feel happy and relaxed, it is a good choice for combatting stress, fatigue, and even chronic pain. Black Cheery OG can also effectively help you get rid of pain and muscle spasms.

What are the Negative Effects That You Can Expect from Black Cheery OG?

It is typical to feel lazy and sleepy after smoking Black Cheery OG. You will also feel a little dizzy. Dryness of eyes and mouth can also be felt.

Tips for Growing Black Cheery OG

In order for you to grow Black Cheery OG strains, it is important that you have some experience cultivating cannabis plants. Bear in mind that this Black Cheery OG is a low-yielding strain. Don’t be surprised if you will not be able to get bigger yields. What you need to focus on is making sure that the Black Cheery OG crops are top quality. Provide them with the right light and nutrients.