Black Betty Strain Review

Black Betty doesn’t only possess top THC levels, but it also has a strong and rich flavor. This strain is not entirely sweet but the flavor and aroma can last longer than any other hybrid buds. It has a unique and distinct aroma that you will not be able to find in any other strains. Black Betty burns longer and leaves you a very beautiful and satisfying aftertaste. Beautiful Black Betty is a cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Ak-47.

Type: Balanced Hybrid Strain, 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

Flowering: 7 to 9 weeks

Climate: Warm

Yield: Medium

Flavors: Candy, sweet, tea, berry, citrus, pungy, skunky

THC Level: 18% to 26%

Height: Tall

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Black Betty?

Black Betty can make you feel more creative than your normal self. It gives you fresh and bright ideas that will surely help you finish whatever tasks or projects you are making. This can also help you feel more relaxed and gives you a special inner peace. It has a unique body high that is out of this world. Black Betty also can give you a very awesome body buzz and tingling sensation that you won’t be able to experience in any other balanced hybrid strain.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Betty?

This is the strain that you need to smoke when you are experiencing headaches and migraines. Black Betty has very powerful sedative effects that can definitely put insomniacs to sleep. It is also well-known for its anti-depression properties that can easily put a smile on your face. Black Betty will not only make you feel happy and euphoric, but it can also relieve mood disorders. This is why Black Betty is used by patients who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

What are the Negative Effects That You Can Expect from Black Betty?

A sense of paranoia can be felt after smoking Black Betty. Dryness of mouth and eyes are also two of the most common side effects of Black Betty.

Tips for Growing Black Betty

Expect Black Betty to thrive well in both indoors and outdoors. This strain producer fewer buds, however, you can expect top quality crops from these strains. Provide your Black Betty plants the right light and adequate nutrients.