Best Marijuana Strains for Muscular Dystrophy

A muscular Dystrophy is a group of 30 genetic diseases which will lead to deterioration of the muscle mass. There are about 9 types of Muscular Dystrophy in which each one is present in the declining of patient’s muscle. Difficulty in swallowing and breathing as well as the inability to sit and walk are the massive effects of Muscular Dystrophy. It is important to note that this illness has no cure, yet several studies have proved that the use of certain cannabis strains in its treatment shows positive results together with exercise, physical therapy, and taking good care of patient’s respiratory system. Different marijuana strains are able to relieve pain, relax muscles, improve one’s appetite, and help you to have a better sleep. Thus, symptoms of MD are lessened with certain strains with the impact of how the patients respond the medication.


Key Features:

  • Strain type: 30% indica/ 70% sativa
  • THC: CBD Ratio: 1:20
  • Flavors: earthy, woody, herbal/spicy
  • Effects: relaxed, happy, uplifted, focused, energetic

Rich in CBD and low in THC, ACDC will not give you a psychoactive effect despite the fact that it is a sativa dominant strain. This is because ACDC is a result of the crossing of Ruderalis and Cannatonic. Since it has higher CBD content, studies found out that this strain is highly effective in treating chronic pain. This relief might be one of the effects of your muscle’s relaxation and muscle cramp reduction.

Silver Haze

Key Features:

  • Strain type: 10% indica/ 90% sativa
  • THC: CBD Ratio: 1:1
  • Flavors: earthy, citrus, pungent
  • Effects: happy, uplifted, relax, euphoric, energetic

For recreational use, Silver Haze is quite known because it is the first strain which is able to provide a Haze full of strength experience. In fact, it has better effects making it a stronger strain. When it comes to the medical aspect, Silver Haze is quite effective too. Considering that it has a 20-24% level of THC, Silver Haze is a potent strain. With this, this strain is not just a good choice for recreation but also for relaxation and dealing with stress. This is why Silver Haze is one of the recommended strains for the treatment of Muscular Dystrophy.

Blue Dream

Key Features:

  • Strain type: 40% indica/ 60% sativa
  • THC:CBD Ratio: 100:1
  • Flavors: Blueberry, berry, sweet
  • Effects: happy, relaxed, uplifted, euphoric, uplifted

In America, Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains. This is because of the fact that both in medical and recreation field, the effects of this strain are quite powerful and reliable.

Having a THC level of about 17-24%, Blue Dream provides a moderate-high effect when consumed. It will uplift your mood, leaving you the feeling of energized, motivated, and more focused. Though these effects are quite considered as euphoric types due to its potency, in a medical field, Blue Dream is quite effective too. In fact, this strain is known for its efficiency in treating illnesses like chronic pain and stress, depression, and sleeping disorders. Generally speaking, this cannabis strain is suitable for people who want to relax and to free themselves from so much stress and anxiety. More than its great effects and uses both for medical and recreational use; Blue Dream is also a rich type of strain. It has great flavors which also enticed many cannabis users to choose this strain over other.

Blue Dream made it to the top of the most famous strains because it is one of the most favorites of many patients. With its superior effects in a medical field, it is not surprising to know that this rich and sweet strain is also recommended for Muscular Dystrophy treatment.

Afghan Kush

Key Features:

  • Strain type: almost 100% indica strain
  • THC/CBD Ratio: 21:6
  • Flavors: earthy, herbal/spicy, woody
  • Effects: relaxed, sleepy, hungry, euphoric, happy

Also known as Afghan OG, Afghan Kush is an indica strain coming from the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This strain is known in the medical field since it is commonly used as the treatment for certain illnesses.  Classified as easy to grow strain, Afghan Kush has a typical indica strain effects that will last for up to 2-3 hours. Since Afghan OG is an indica strain, its effects are more focused on the body rather than in mind. Insomnia and other related sleeping disorders are the types of illness that this cannabis strain can work out best. The consumption of Afghan Kush will lead to sleepiness which makes it not just an effective sleeping pill but also a great medication for pain, stress, and anxiety. On the other hand, people with eating problems such as anorexia also used this strain as a treatment because it has effects on one’s appetite after consumption. Consuming Afghan OG will give you a high in heavy body form, and this makes this strain an effective cure for sprains and chronic pain. With this, it is good enough for Muscular Dystrophy since it can relax your muscle from painful cramps which are a major symptom of the said disease.

Muscular Dystrophy is more than a disease; it is also a living nightmare for its patients with the fact that it has no cure. However, with the positive results and excellent improvement brought by different marijuana strains to the patients, people with MD are now having hopes in increasing their quality of life despite having this disease.

The above-stated cannabis strains are just a few of the many strains which are found to give great results to patients with MD. Thus, marijuana is a type of herb that you cannot just use for recreation, but also a medium to medicate even to that illness which is almost impossible to cure.